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5 Best ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Moments

5 Best ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Moments

Sons of Anarchy revved up viewers for seven wild seasons, with Jax Teller and his badass biker crew serving up too many best moments to count. Created by The Sheild mastermind Kurt Sutter, SOA hit the airwaves in 2008 and roared to an end in 2014. The series explores the lives of a notorious motorcycle club, headed by the formidable President Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), and his Vice President Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), who happens to be the son of one of the club’s founding members.

The epic series is packed with guest stars, thrilling action, and emotional scenes. Here are some of Sons of Anarchy‘s best moments.

‘Fire or knife?’

In the first season episode “Giving Back”, former SAMCRO member Kyle appears in the SOA’s territory in Charming. He’s still sporting his club tattoo, which is a major violation. Club president Clay calmly offers him a choice between fire or knife for its removal. Kyle chooses fire. This scene showcases the club’s strict policies and the extreme measures they’re willing to go to enforce them.

‘What’s Cooking?”

Club mascot and perpetual scapegoat Chucky (Michael Marisi Ornstein) will go to great lengths for the MC. Case in point: in season four’s “Family Recipe”, when he discreetly submerges a severed head in the pot of chili he’s preparing for a charity event, all to keep it hidden from the prying eyes of the law. To ensure no guest feels left out, he graciously serves them each a piping hot bowl. The pièce de résistance occurs when Gemma saunters over to stir the pot, only to discover a decapitated head bobbing amidst the savory concoction. Gemma’s reaction is one of Katey Sagal’s best comedic moments on the show.

Juice’s Cover Up

SAMCRO had some pretty strange criteria for membership, like disqualifying anyone with African-American heritage. Poor Juice, played by Theo Rossi, had to hide his Black ethnicity from the club. So what did he do? In Season Six’s “With an X”, To hide his lineage from the club and collect damning evidence against SAMCRO, Juice pilfered cocaine as alleged proof. But things took a dark turn when he got caught, killed a fellow SOA member, and framed him for the theft. This pivotal moment takes the beloved character on a heartbreaking journey.

Laying Pipe

Sometimes the best moments are also the most heartbreaking. Undoubtedly, the most tragic death in Sons of Anarchy belongs to Opie, portrayed by breakout star Ryan Hurst. After being forced to choose a member for execution in prison, the club faced a difficult situation. Opie, who had already lost his wife and father, selflessly took the fall for the crew. In the cynically titled episode “Laying Pipe” of season five, Opie meets his doom, bludgeoned to death by a lead pipe. Adding to the tragedy, Jax, his childhood best friend, witnesses the entire event.

‘Sons of Anarchy’s Best Moment…

Series finales are notorious for letting fans down. However, sometimes, a series needs to be commended for sticking the landing. In Sons of Anarchy‘s series finale, “Papa’s Goods”, Jax Teller reaches a pivotal moment. To protect his loved ones, he chooses to remove himself from the equation. Farewells are said, and he embarks on his final motorcycle ride, a tribute to his late father. As cop cars and crows gather, we glimpse Jax one last time before he meets his maker.