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WWE Fans Certain Sylvester Stallone Will Appear in Upcoming Wrestlemania Match in Philly

WWE Fans Certain Sylvester Stallone Will Appear in Upcoming Wrestlemania Match in Philly

WWE enthusiasts and insiders are speculating that Sylvester Stallone is set to make an appearance at the upcoming Wrestlemania XL event. As per @WrestleVotes on X (formerly Twitter), there is significant interest within WWE to involve Stallone in WrestleMania XL.

Although it remains uncertain if WWE has contacted the actor, wrestling journalist Andrew Zarian provided additional insights on the matter. “Can confirm I had heard that convos were happening about getting Stallone but no idea how far along this is,” he wrote on X.

The participation of the action legend in the event is still uncertain. Fans anticipating his presence should temper their expectations for now. Nevertheless, if WWE is indeed seeking Sylvester Stallone for a WrestleMania XL cameo, he’s a perfect fit.

Certainly, the actor is well-acquainted with the realm of professional wrestling and its luminaries. Of course, he collaborated with Hulk Hogan in the iconic Rocky III of 1982. Stallone also participated in the WWE Hall of Fame induction of the multiple-time WrestleMania headliner in 2005.

That aside, there’s an even stronger indication that Stallone might attend. WrestleMania XL is set to be held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though Stallone was born in New York City, he’s been closely associated with Philadelphia since the 1970s due to his iconic role as Rocky Balboa, a boxer from Philadelphia. Therefore, it makes sense to hook the iconic Italian Stallion for a guest appearance at the Philly wrestling event.

If Sylvester Stallone Appears at Wrestlemania XL, It’s Unlikely He’ll Step in the Ring

However, there might be a sticking point with Sly actually stepping into the ring. In a recent episode of his reality show The Family Stallone, he shared details about his seventh back surgery. The problems began while getting overzealous while shooting his 2010 action throwback, The Expendables. WWE wrestler-turned-actor Steve Austin literally broke Sly’s neck.

“I did stupid stuff. I was directing Expendables and like an idiot I’m doing take ten, take whatever, and I remember one slam and I could actually feel one bang,’” Stallone said. “Steve [Austin] knew. I never recovered from Expendables 1. After that film, it was never physically the same. I’ve warned people – don’t do your own stunts,” he stressed.

Of course, action fans know Stallone famously revealed his Expendablesneck injury years ago. On a 2010 David Letterman appearance, Sly showed off an X-ray featuring an iron plate inserted into his neck. “[It] goes off every time I go through the airport”, he quipped to Letterman at the time.

WWE fans will wait to see if Sylvester Stallone appears at WrestleMania XL on April 6 and 7.