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Who is Randy Orton’s Wife? Everything to Know About Kim Orton

Who is Randy Orton’s Wife? Everything to Know About Kim Orton

Imagine taking your sons to see their favorite pro wrestler, Randy Orton, and then falling in love. Well, that’s the story of Kim Orton.

She had little knowledge about Orton, a third-generation pro wrestler who has been in the WWE for 20-plus years. Yet Kim Orton went to a WWE show with her sons. It appears that Randy Orton himself caught a glimpse of her in the crowd during a match.

That same night, Kim Orton gave her phone number to a security guard. It found its way into Randy Orton’s hands and they met for some food later in the night. One thing led to another, and the couple started seeing one another.

Who is Kim Orton, besides being Randy Orton’s wife? They’ve been married since 2015 and have one child, a daughter named Brooklyn Rose, together. They have four total children from other relationships, too. Based on what each other has written online, it’s obvious that Kim Orton and Randy Orton love one another.

Kim Orton Lovingly Calls Randy Orton ‘Soulmate’

“People use the term SOULMATE so loosely. Not in our case tho,” Kim Orton wrote in an Instagram post on their wedding anniversary. “@randyorton you are my SOULMATE without a doubt!! Everyone close to us knows that.”

Randy Orton has similar feelings about his wife, too. He wrote up a tender post on Instagram in 2021. “When it comes down to it you are a real-life superhero, and all I can do is sit back and watch… wait… and look forward to when it’s my turn for some attention,” Orton wrote on Mother’s Day 2021. “Trust me, when I say, there’s nothing better than having you to myself, I mean it x 100.”

In 2015, while they were on a trip to Bora Bora, Randy asked Kim to marry him. She went on X (formerly Twitter at that time) and said she said yes. Later in the year, the couple got together with family and friends in Las Vegas for a wedding ceremony.

Kim Orton has been behind the microphone for The Wives of Wrestling Podcast along with Giovanna Angle, wife of Kurt Angle. They hosted the podcast along with Jon Alba. Guests on previous podcasts have included Reba Hardy (Matt Hardy’s wife) and Michelle McCool (The Undertaker-Mark Callaway’s wife). Right now, there have not been any new podcasts in a year or more.

But someone connected to the podcast did respond to a fan’s post. When asked about the status of the show, someone wrote back that the person should stay tuned. There are other wrestlers’ wives out there who probably would be great interviews by themselves, too.

WWE Star’s Wife Works To Build Clothing Line

Kim Orton, who also goes by Kim Marie Kessler (her maiden name), owns a clothing line titled SLTHR. It’s a take-off of Randy Orton’s in-ring nickname, “The Viper.” “She has worked for years to come up with this brand and I am very proud of her,” Randy Orton told “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in an interview in March 2021.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m doing my thing in the ring, she’s doing her thing at home raising five kids, on the side she is also the owner of her own company, SLTHR.”

Family time has been good for him, Kim, and their family. Randy is much closer to the end of his in-ring career. Should he have any interest in pursuing it, then Orton handles himself quite well on the microphone. He could become a good broadcaster if given the time.

Kim Orton will stay busy working on her clothing line. Plus, the couple will keep on raising their kids together. Until Randy’s in-ring days come to an end, Kim and Randy are going to be busy as a working couple.