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Where to Stream Past Super Bowls Leading Up to the Big Game

Where to Stream Past Super Bowls Leading Up to the Big Game

Now that San Francisco and Kansas City have punched their Super Bowl tickets, it’s time to stream those past games. Super Bowl LVIII will be played on February 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The 49ers and Chiefs will duke it out. Before that, though, maybe you’d like to check out previous Super Bowls from the National Football League.

Where can you find these great Super Bowl games and stream them as well? Pluto TV is the place you want to go to right now. The streaming platform has just created a limited-run channel called NFL Super Bowl Classics. It’s available from January 18 through February 21, 2024. On this channel, you can see all previous Super Bowl contests. Also, it might be possible that they will run the original television broadcast from Super Bowl I.

If they don’t, then NFL Films has quite a highlight reel from that amazing game. NFL Films will have a big role to play in this channel. Super Bowl highlights will be on there.

Amazing plays like New York Giants player David Tyree making his “helmet catch” against New England will be shown. You will be able to see New England defender Malcolm Butler make a goal-line interception against the Seattle Seahawks. And much, much more is now airing on NFL Super Bowl Classics.

Super Bowl Highlights Get Stream Support

This channel is located in the Sports directory of Pluto TV channels. Also, you might want to check out the NFL Channel. Daily news roundups, interviews, and highlights from present-day NFL action are available right there. At this time, the channel has been showing full-game roundups from the AFC and NFC championship games.

“Thanks to our incredible partners at the NFL, we have the opportunity to offer a window into NFL history and we know audiences will be thrilled, no matter what team they root for,” Amy Kuessner, EVP of programming for Pluto TV, said. “The addition of ‘NFL Super Bowl Classics’ channel to Pluto TV’s lineup allows fans to discover and relive those unforgettable games and moments in one place – all for free.”

When Super Bowl I rolled around, it brought the American Football League champion against the National Football League champion. At the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, in front of 61,946 fans, the NFL’s Green Bay Packers beat the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

Super Bowl I Started Everything for the NFL

One interesting broadcast television note from Super Bowl I. This was the only Super Bowl to be simulcast on CBS and NBC at the same time. So, CBS, which aired NFL games, and NBC, which aired AFL games, could have their broadcasters call the game.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr was this game’s first Most Valuable Player. This game also featured two future Pro Football Hall of Fame coaches: the Packers’ Vince Lombardi and the Chiefs’ Hank Stram. NFL Films highlights from this and other early Super Bowls had the great fortune of having John Facenda narrate them. Facenda is the “Voice of God” for his deep yet rhythmic ability to read off the highlights.

Some fans look forward to seeing Stram’s non-stop chatter in Super Bowl IV. This game includes Stram calling for a “65 toss power trap” to be run near the goal line. As the Chiefs score a touchdown, Stram, who is mic’d up for the game, is uncontrollably giddy.

Many other highlights can be seen on Pluto TV’s free NFL Super Bowl Classics channel.