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Travis Kelce Yells at Andy Reid During Super Bowl, Fans Turn It Into Hilarious Meme

Travis Kelce Yells at Andy Reid During Super Bowl, Fans Turn It Into Hilarious Meme

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s outburst against coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl instantly became an internet meme. In the first half, the Chiefs head coach made a bold move by benching Kelce for a crucial red zone play. But alas, fate had a different plan as Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco decided to share the ball with the 49ers instead.

However, the agony and the ecstasy grew when the CBS broadcast treated us to a dramatic showdown between Kelce and Reid. Kelce confronted Reid directly, nearly toppling the head coach. It was evident that Kelce’s frustration stemmed from being substituted during that play, catching Reid off guard. Eventually, Kelce had to be separated from Reid to allow him to regain composure.

Of course, the internet seized on the heated moment between Travis Kelce and Andy Reid, bringing levity to the situation in the form of memes. For our more seasoned readers, in everyday language, “meme” usually means an Internet meme. These are images that get remixed, replicated, and shared in online cultural contexts. Usually for satirical or humorous reasons.

Kicking off the memes is one comparing Kelce mercilessly yelling at Reid as religious art. Yes, Reid is the beleaguered Christ, while Kelce is a Roman legionnaire.

Next, we have Reid and Kelce compared to a young couple at a loud concert. Sure, you have to kind of flip this one around to make it work, but it’s still solid.

Travis Kelce and Andy Reid Super Bowl Memes Include Shots at Taylor Swift

Next, we have Travis Kelce bellowing the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” at Andy Reid. Reid seems to be enjoying it like most men over 30 would be.

On a related note, here we have Kelce arguing like a Swiftie over which incarnation of Taylor’s career he likes best.

Another meme compares Kelce’s unbridled rage to being asked if Mr. Pibb is an okay substitute for Dr. Pepper.

Our personal favorite is this callback to the sketch comedy series, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. In this sketch, Tim attempts to perform a good deed, but for his own benefit. He plans to indulge himself by executing a fast-food pay-it-forward scheme, swiftly returning to the drive-thru line to enjoy the rewards. The meme below imitates Tim’s order, which he spews with borderline psychotic energy.