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The Best New England Patriots Quarterbacks of All Time: Do You Remember These NFL Legends?

The Best New England Patriots Quarterbacks of All Time: Do You Remember These NFL Legends?

The New England Patriots have had a history of excellence and pain when it comes to their quarterback situation. While they had massive success with Tom Brady, the other Patriot QBs on here struggled a bit at the National Football League job. Yet the Patriots can look back upon these players with pride. They guided the New England offense as best as possible. Bill Belichick had the most success with his No. 1 quarterback, Brady.

Therefore, let’s look at these top Patriot quarterbacking legends.

Tom Brady

Every Sunday, he put on his Patriots uniform and performed incredible feats. Let’s take a look at the numbers supporting Brady. In 20 seasons, Brady won six Super Bowls and earned five Super Bowl MVP honors. He passed for 75,571 yards, 541 touchdowns, and 179 interceptions. Chalk up a 219-64 record to go along with three NFL MVP honors, 14 Pro Bowls, and a two-time All-Pro. The kid from Michigan has a Hall of Fame resume with another Super Bowl win in Tampa Bay on his resume. Belichick and Brady will be fondly remembered for years and years to come.

Steve Grogan

Between 1975 and 1990, Grogan was the face of the Patriots’ offense. But it’s not like they wanted him all the time. Plenty of chances were taken to get Grogan out of the startling lineup. Grogan stood tough, lasting for 15 seasons in New England. He never made a Pro Bowl, yet adequately ran New England’s offensive plans. Grogan, who graduated from Kansas State, set a record for quarterbacks in 1976. He ran for 12 rushing touchdowns. Grogan had a 75-60 record as a starter. He passed for 26,886 yards with 182 touchdowns and 288 interceptions. Ultimately, Grogan would split time with Tony Eason at quarterback.

Vito ‘Babe’ Parelli

Parelli joined the American Football League’s Boston Patriots and took the reins as the team’s quarterback. He spent seven seasons with the Patriots, passing for 16,747 yards, 132 touchdowns, and 138 interceptions. Before coming to the Patriots, Parelli played for the Green Bay Packers and then-Oakland Raiders. In the American Football League, he earned his way to three Pro Bowls and gained All-Pro status in 1964, according to NESN. Parelli finished his playing days with the New York Jets, a team that won Super Bowl III.

Drew Bledsoe

OK, so Blesdoe is the NFL’s Wally Pipp. Yet he did put up good numbers and helped the Patriots right the ship at quarterback. In 1993, he was picked with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. No savior here for the team, though. In his second season, Bledsoe had 400 completions, 691 attempts, and 4,555 yards. He led them to a 10-6 record. Later, Blesdoe put the team in Super Bowl XXXI. He signed the league’s first $100 million contract. Eventually, though, Bledsoe lost his role to Brady. As a backup, Bledsoe helped New England win the 2001 AFC Championship and reach Super Bowl XXXI.