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‘Jurassic Park’s Jeff Goldblum Shown on Super Bowl Jumbotron, Fans Go Wild

‘Jurassic Park’s Jeff Goldblum Shown on Super Bowl Jumbotron, Fans Go Wild

NFL fans are going dino-mite over a viral video of Jurassic Park legend Jeff Goldblum hamming it up on the Super Bowl’s Jumbotron. Part of the charm for many fans is the veteran actor’s seemingly average Joe reaction to being on the giant screen.

Goldblum appeared on Allegiant Stadium’s big screen during Sunday’s game in Las Vegas. As he put on his glasses, he realized he was being featured on the screen and likely seen worldwide. With an expression of utter disbelief, he stood up and hugged himself. “Jeff Goldblum looks like a fan who’s on the big screen for the first time in his life,’” a Super Bowl viewer posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Goldblum delighted the crowd at the stadium with his dance moves, before the cameras shifted their focus to someone else. Fans took to social media to praise Goldblum being such a good sport.

“The dude just loves his life, nothing wrong with that,” one Goldblum lover wrote. “He’s such a power of energy, you gotta love it. Robin Williams level,” another agreed. “How is Jeff Goldblum always so good? What a ray of sunshine,” an X user gushed.

Of course, Jeff Goldblum has become something of a national treasure in recent years. The veteran actor made his bones in genre films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Fly. However, he shot to superstardom in blockbusters like Independence Day and Jurassic Park in the 90s.

In more recent years, he’s taken supporting character roles in Wes Anderson films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and last year’s Asteroid City. This, along with appearances in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok and the recent Jurassic World films, have endeared him to a new generation of fans.

Jeff Goldblum will next be seen playing the Wizard of Oz in the upcoming film, Wicked. It’s set to drop later this year.

Jeff Goldblum’s Super Bowl Antics Contrasted Sharply with Another Star in Attendance

Meanwhile, reclusive actor Leonardo DiCaprio had a much different reaction than Jeff Goldblum when featured on the Super Bowl Jumbotron. The Oscar winner shied away from the spotlight, seemingly shielding his face with his ball cap.

However, Leo’s shyness only drew comparisons to Goldblum’s extroverted antics. “Why be like Leo when you can be a Jeff?!”, one NFL fan noted. “Jeff is awesome, Leo not so much,” another fan wrote.