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How Many Children Does Muhammad Ali Have? All About the Boxer’s Big Family

How Many Children Does Muhammad Ali Have? All About the Boxer’s Big Family

Muhammad Ali put together an incredible boxing career and life. One that included nine children from six different women. It does appear, however, that all of Ali’s kids held a fondness for their famous father.

Let’s get started here with his first marriage to Sonji Roi in August 1964. It didn’t work out, there were no children, and they got divorced in January 1966. Next up was Khalilah Ali (Belinda Boyd at birth), and they got married in August 1967. The couple had four children: Maryum in 1968, twins Rasheda and Jamillah in 1970, and Muhammad Jr. in 1972.

Ali and Khalilah were married for about 10 years before their marriage ended. “It was easy to forgive him because he was the best part of my life,” Khalilah Ali said in an interview with WTVJ in 2019. “He was not only the best part of my life, but we were the Michelle and Obamas of the ’60s and ’70s. And we stood for beauty, we stood for family.”

Muhammad Ali Lost One Marriage Over Affairs

While this was all well and good for some time, Khalilah was not able to keep on going. She said that her husband’s affairs became too much to overcome.

Ali had a daughter, Miya, from an affair with Patricia Harvell. She was born in 1972. Then, Khaliah Ali-Wertheimer, a daughter from an affair with Aaisha Fletcher, was born in 1974. Finally, Muhammad Ali hooked up with Veronica Porché. They had a daughter, Hana, in 1976 and the couple got married in June 1977. It was about 18 months before Laila, their second daughter, was born.

“Muhammad didn’t hide anything,” Khalilah Ali said. “He’d say, ‘She’s pregnant.’ There’s a lot of women. They got pregnant by him and he had to come to me. He said, ‘What we gonna do?’ I had to just take off the wife face, and put on the friend face.” Their marriage ended around 1977, Distractify reports.

Ali and Porché were together for about nine years before divorcing.

Lonnie Ali, Muhammad Ali’s fourth wife, married him in November 1986. They had a son together named Assad Amin. The couple remained together until Ali died in 2016.

Daughter Laila Ali Wanted Kind of ‘Normal’ Family

In his book, Ali: A Life, author Jonathan Eig shared a story from Laila’s own memoir. There were times when celebrities like John Travolta and Michael Jackson were in the family home’s den area. That’s exciting, of course, but Laila had a different desire.

“I was drawn instead to another black family who lived down the street,” Laila Ali wrote. “They ate together every night… The parents gave the kids rules and made sure they were obeyed. All this made me envious. I longed for such a family.”

She even pointed out that she never heard her parents argue at all. But Laila also mentioned that she saw her parents have separate bedrooms. That, to her, said enough.

Ali’s life remains admired by millions of people. It also shows, though, that even our heroes are quite human, too.