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Emotional Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’ Opening Video for Super Bowl LVIII Sets Internet on Fire

Emotional Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’ Opening Video for Super Bowl LVIII Sets Internet on Fire

CBS’ Super Bowl LVIII game coverage kicked off with a video, perfectly synchronized with Frank Sinatra’s timeless “My Way.” The video intro went on for a solid four minutes, just enough time for lyrics like “the end is near” to serenade the grand finale of the NFL season.

Not only that, but CBS went the extra yard and assembled a treasure trove of interviews with players from both the 49ers and the Chiefs. These enlightening conversations unveiled the rollercoaster rides of their careers. And if that wasn’t enough, CBS even caught up with the players’ loved ones, who spilled the tea on their unique bond and takes on their superstar counterparts.

NFL Fans Took to Social Media to Sing the Praise of the Super Bowl Frank Sinatra Intro

Of course, NFL (and Frank Sinatra) fans took to X to sing the praises of the Super Bowl’s tribute to ol’ blue eyes. many seemed to love the old-school cool vibe. “This was one of the best openings ever. Salute to Frank,” one fan wrote. “SUPERBOWL “And did it my way!” Frank. Awesome entry showing their relatives!” another fan exclaimed. “Amazing intro! Reminds me of my dad! bravo on the intro!”, another NFL fan gushed.

Other NFL fans loved the pairing of Sinatra’s crooning with the sentimental interviews from players. ‘“My way” by Frank Sinatra playing while the family is talking about the players is bone chilling and a tear jerker”, a fan wrote. “Frank Sinatra “My Way” on the #SuperBowl pregame show with all the family members on the day before what would’ve been dad’s 87th birthday,” another X user shared. “Yeah, I’m already feeling it, y’all…”, one weepy NFL fan wrote.

Rumor Has it That Usher Will Pay Tribute to Frank Sinatra During the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Usher will give a subtle nod to Frank Sinatra during his Super Bowl half-time performance, TMZ reports. With his appearance at Allegiant Stadium, the R&B sensation has the potential to amass a substantial fortune. Usher’s 13-minute concert, presented by Apple Music, gives a tremendous opportunity for him to showcase his exceptional talent and extensive repertoire to an estimated audience of well over 110 million people.

The performance is expected to yield tremendous sales for his latest album, Coming Home, which was released on February 9, just two days prior to the Super Bowl.