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Dolly Parton Fans Drag Ex-NFL Player After Talking Trash About Halftime Performance

Dolly Parton Fans Drag Ex-NFL Player After Talking Trash About Halftime Performance

Everyone appears to have been pretty pumped about seeing Dolly Parton perform on Thursday at the halftime show of the Dallas-Washington game. Then again, not everyone can be happy all the time. Former NFL player Will Compton decided to be the anti-Dolly voice after her standout performance (hey, she was better than Detroit’s and Seattle’s halftime shows).

Let’s be clear here. Parton is 77 years old and definitely falls into the icon level of country music. Heck, she’s in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, too. Her music has transcended the country crowd and moved into other genres, according to American Songwriter.

Before looking at Compton’s critical tweet, let’s also point out that Parton wore a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit on Thursday. Besides telling her to quit and give up, is Compton also saying to quit wearing the cute outfits? Not many 77-year-olds who are singers can pull off the outfit Parton wore.

OK, so here’s what Compton felt compelled to share with the world.

Man, talk about a stinging indictment against Parton! Compton probably knew the Parton criticism would not sit well with the world. One fan’s comment after Compton’s tweet started the ball rolling.

Dolly Parton Fan Declares That She’s ‘American Icon’

Of course, it would be cool to write and say that was criticism. But it was not. This Dolly fan had a criticism and almost a wish. The fan writes, “Where’s cancel culture when you need it! Shame on you Compton! Dolly is an American Icon!” Here’s one fan who has a long memory when it comes to Compton’s career. The fan writes, “She’s done more at 77 than you did your whole career. Pipe down there, third string.”

While Compton pouts, Dolly keeps on trucking. Her devoted fans know that Parton is now a member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. She even put out an album full of rock music. It’s not like she’s resting on her laurels. Oh no, far from it.

Some people might even consider Parton as a brave soul for going out there in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. Well, when it comes to speaking out for Dolly when she needs it, there you go, music fans. And Dolly Parton transcends both the music and sports worlds.

If you are paying attention to Compton’s backdrop over Parton, then maybe you also will choose to avoid criticism of her work. As his Twitter thread shows, Compton received the verbal and typed-out beatdown. There’s been no word about an apology of some sort coming from Compton. We’ll have to see if anything else pops up.

In the meantime, Parton will keep on scoring at home if these two clash.