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Dennis Rodman Speaks Out About Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen Feud

Dennis Rodman Speaks Out About Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen Feud

Never one to hold back on speaking his opinion, Dennis Rodman shared his thoughts about the now three-year-long feud between basketball legends Scott Pippen and Michael Jordan

According to TMZ, the ongoing feud between Pippen and Jordan started in 2020 following the release of The Last Dance documentary. The film, which was produced by Jordan, didn’t quite praise the basketball star’s teammates or their contribution to the Chicago Bulls winning history. Instead, it mainly focused on Jordan. 

Pippen criticized the documentary and said that Jordan was “horrible to play with” before he joined the Chicago Bulls in 1987. He then declared LeBron James at the G.O.A.T. “I’ve seen Michael Jordan play before I came to the Bulls. You guys have seen him play… He was horrible to play with. It was all 1-on-1, shooting bad shots. All of a sudden, we become a team and we start winning. Everybody forgot who he was. He was a player who was really not at the top of his category. It was scoring.”

Dennis Rodman, who was on the Chicago Bulls with Jordan and Pippen stated he never saw the duo feud on or off the court. “No, I never saw that before,” Rodman explained. “I never saw them fight. Even after the season, I never saw that. They were always hanging out together, playing golf together, traveling together.” 

Prior to the documentary, Pippen had nothing but praise anytime he discussed Jordan. During his Basketball Hall of Fame induction in 2010, Pippen stated, “MJ, you have touched so many people’s lives, but none like mine. Thank you for being the best teammate; I will always cherish that experience and I will cherish our relationship forever.” 

Dennis Rodman Believes Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan Will Work Things Out 

Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman told the media outlet he believes Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan can easily work things out. 

“It’s just a lot of things that happened over the last couple of years,” Rodman stated. “So, I think Scottie’s a little bitter, and Michael’s more laid back and say, ‘Okay, like whatever.’ But they’re gonna work it out.”

To add more to the situation between the former basketball players, Jordan’s son, Marcus, is now in a relationship with Pippen’s ex-wife and the mother of his children, Larsa. Scottie married Larsa in 1997 and had four children with her. In 2016, Scottie filed for divorce, but eventually withdrew his petition. However, in 2018, Larsa filed for divorce and the marriage ended in late 2021. Larsa started dating Marcus in 2022. 

Although Jordan declared this past summer he didn’t “approve” of the relationship, Marcus stated that his famous father was just joking. Larsa also shared that everyone’s fine with the relationship. “It’s not about my parents, his parents. They’re all happy. Our whole family’s fine,” she explained. She also addressed how her ex may feel about her and Marcus. “[Scottie] has a right to the way he feels… I live my truth, I’m happy. It wasn’t like it was planned, we were just together a lot with our friends and it just so happened.”