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5 Best Pro Wrestling Themes From Your Childhood

5 Best Pro Wrestling Themes From Your Childhood

When it comes to the world of pro wrestling, few things are as important as a wrestler’s presentation. Everything from their physique and ring gear to how a person walks goes into bringing a character to life. And while we can’t get enough of cool tights and iconic masks, oftentimes it’s the perfect ring music that takes a wrestler from good to great.

These are a few of the best pro wrestling themes from your childhood… and heads up, you’re going to want to find these on Spotify ASAP.

Randy Savage (“Pomp & Circumstance”)

Are you really a pro wrestling fan if you haven’t attended a graduation ceremony and broke out into your Macho Man impression while “Pomp & Circumstance” played?

Originally used by Gorgeous George decades before Macho Man stepped foot in a ring, this is one of the most iconic entrance themes of all time. Savage used a version of it for the majority of his career, so no matter when you grew up, you most likely saw him walk down the aisle while this tune played.

The Undertaker (“Rest in Peace”)

Legendary composer Jim Johnston created thousands of songs during his time with WWE—many of which are on this list. With that being said, The Undertaker’s “Rest in Peace” might be the best of the bunch.

Even today, the “gong” sound that kicks off  “Rest in Peace” can still bring an arena of thousands to their feet when The Deadman decides to show up in WWE.

Hulk Hogan (“Voodoo Child”)

In pro wrestling, using licensed songs as entrance music almost feels like a cheat code. When someone like the aforementioned Undertaker needs a new theme for his American Badass character, you can always just go buy the rights to Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” and get the results you’re looking for.

The best use of licensed music in wrestling ever was when WCW decided that nWo Hulk Hogan needed to enter arenas to “Voodoo Child ” by Jimi Hendrix.

Simply put, Hogan, in all black, strumming the WCW Heavyweight Championship belt like a guitar while he made his way to the ring to this song is peak 90s.

Steve Austin (“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”)

Another Jim Johnston classic is Steve Austin’s “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me.” Inspired by Rage Against the Machine, Johnston created this song for Austin and it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Like the “gong” in Undertaker’s theme, the “glass shatter” in Austin’s theme is one of the most memorable things from our childhood. And when it comes to the most memorable moments in WWE history, many feature Austin, with this theme blasting through the arena speakers.

nWo Wolfpac (“Wolfpac”): One of the Best Pro Wrestling Themes Ever

If you were in WCW in the mid to late 90s and associated with the nWo, you got to come to the ring to an awesome theme song. While the original nWo theme and “Voodoo Child” are both elite, neither get us moving like the Red & Black’s “Wolfpac” theme.

As soon as you press play on this one (do it, it’s on YouTube), you’re transported back to your living room in 1998. It’s one of, if not the best entrance themes in the history of pro wrestling.