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‘Young and the Restless’ Star Christian LeBlanc Says Fans Noticed Early Symptom That Led to Cancer Diagnosis

‘Young and the Restless’ Star Christian LeBlanc Says Fans Noticed Early Symptom That Led to Cancer Diagnosis

Just a few months after he announced he had cancer, Young and the Restless star Christian LeBlanc reveals his fans spotted one symptom that led to the multiple myeloma diagnosis. 

During a recent interview with CBS affiliate WWL-TV, LeBlanc stated that his fans noticed a change in one of his eyes while on TV for the show. “The fans caught it,” he explained. “I was getting people like, ‘Your eye’s a little Jim Carrey that way.’”

After his fans alerted him, Christian LeBlanc decided to get checked out. That was when he was officially diagnosed with the blood cancer. “I’d never spent a day in the hospital in my 65 years until this year,” he said. The actor, who plays Michael Baldwin on Young and the Restless, went on to say that he experienced other symptoms while on the set of the daytime soap opera. 

“They put my ring on, Lauren and Michael’s wedding ring, and I put my hand down and the ring fell off without friction,” LeBlanc recalled. “I said, ‘Well, what an odd thing.’ My nose started bleeding on the set. Sometimes this eye kind of got a little wonky because there was a tumor in the sinus cavity.”

Christian LeBlanc Recalls Talking to the Eye Doctor About His Eye Struggles

Prior to receiving his cancer diagnosis, Christian LeBlanc stated that his eye doctor advised him to speak to a neuro-ophthalmologist. This kind of doctor specializes in vision problems that are linked to the nervous system.

“My eye doctor just said, ‘You might go – your eye’s a little droopy – might go check it out with a neurological ophthalmologist,” he continued. “Which I had never even heard of. And so they found [the cancer], and there was a chance it was a very serious cancer.”

Christian LeBlanc stated there were some options for treating the cancer. However, his doctors didn’t know that there was a tumor pressing on his optic nerve until after his first surgery. He also pointed out the cancer would have progressed even further had he not spoken to his eye doctor. 

“It’s a very fast cancer,” LeBlanc added. “And that is the danger of it, but it’s also because the speed of which a cell reproduces is a signifier of cancer. It also makes it very obvious it’s a cancer and easily attacked and easily spotted once you get in there.”

Thankfully for LeBlanc, he was gone into remission. He lost 35lbs in two months during his cancer battle, but he’s working on gaining the weight back.