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‘Wonder Years’ Danica McKellar Traded Hollywood For Tennessee and Can’t Get Enough

‘Wonder Years’ Danica McKellar Traded Hollywood For Tennessee and Can’t Get Enough

While she spent the majority of her life in California focusing on acting, Wonder Years star Danica McKellar recently declared she prefers living in Tennessee way more. 

During an interview with Remind Magazine, McKellar revealed that moving to Tennessee in 2022 has been a “total quality of life improvement” for her. “I grew up in Southern California and I love LA, and I love California,” she explained. “But I have to say, the seasons are really something else. I love watching the leaves change colors, and I love it when it gets cold. And I love it when it’s really hot, humid.”

Danica McKellar admitted that while she may be experiencing some kind of honeymoon period, she still can’t get enough of the season changes. “I’ve been there about a year now, but I love all the seasons.”

McKellar further shared that while she’s away from Hollywood, being closer to the East Coast isn’t impacting her acting career. She thanks her good friend Candace Cameron Bure and the Great American Family network for that. 

“I am so grateful to Candace Cameron Bure for bringing me into this era of my life,” Danica McKellar gushed about the Full House star. “She really had a lot to do with it.”

Danica McKellar Shares Details About Her Latest Great American Family Network Project 

Along with opening up about her time away from Hollywood, Danica McKellar spoke about her latest project with the Great American Family network, Swinging Into Romance.

According to the network’s description, Swing Into Romance follows a former dancer named Christine Sims (played by McKellar) who temporarily returns to her hometown in time for the town’s Fall Festival. However, she comes to realize that the general store her family owns in the town is actually in trouble. To help save the store, Sims hits the dance floor for the first time and faces her ex-fiance. The movie premiered on the Great American Family Network earlier this month.

McKellar revealed that the movie will be featuring a few dance numbers, which makes her nostalgic for her Dancing With the Stars days. She will be acting alongside Dancing With the Stars pro, Gleb Savchenko, who plays her character’s ex-fiance. This will be his first-ever acting role. 

“I have to say, this was his first acting job, and he did amazing,” Danica McKellar shared about working with Savchenko on the project. “It was really fun because I got to coach him in acting. So, he was coaching me in dance, and I was coaching him in acting, and you’d never know it was his first movie.”

McKellar went on to add that Savchenko did a fantastic job playing her character’s ex-fiance and ex-dance partner. “I can’t wait for you guys to see the movie.”