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Who is Ziggy Marley’s Wife? All About Orly Agai

Who is Ziggy Marley’s Wife? All About Orly Agai

While Ziggy Marley is soaring as a recording artist and author, his wife Orly Agai has a strong influence on her husband’s career. It’s a good thing Orly is in Ziggy’s camp since she has worked in the entertainment field. Their shared experiences, while also raising kids, are something people admire when they see Ziggy and Orly together.

Now, how in the world did these two incredible people meet? Let’s go back to 1999 when Marley said he was looking to have a deeper connection with a woman. When he met Orly, she was the one that Ziggy felt he could form a longtime relationship with in life.

Orly Agai comes from parents with an Iranian-Jewish background. Before meeting Marley, Agai came to the United States when she was 14 years old. Once she completed college, Agai started working as a preschool teacher.

Ziggy Marley’s Wife Orly Sought Success

At one point, she moved over to the Bureau of Jewish Education. Agai ran a preschool onsite, yet that did not seem to fulfill her at all.

“My biggest goal was to thrive financially,” Agai said in an interview with B3 Parenting Magazine. From her role as a junior assistant at the William Morris Endeavor Talent agency, she moved on up. That’s right. Agai became Director of Talent Sponsorships, where she worked and closed deals for acts like Aretha Franklin and Willie Nelson.

Thirteen years later, Agai left her position at William Morris. She went to work in 2007 as Ziggy’s manager. Agai also is the president of Ziggy’s recording label, Tuff Going Worldwide. Agai and Marley share four children and that keeps them busy, too, according to Distractify.

Their four children include a daughter Judah and sons Gideon, Abraham, and Isaiah. For Ziggy, he’s been keeping tabs on his kids. Why? Because he’s their father, but also he can get ideas for his children’s books. When a situation arises that might fit into a story, Ziggy will write that down. He found that adventures like his daughter getting a puppy can translate into a possible book or brief adventure.

Marley Works With Wife To Teach Children

Yet Ziggy wasn’t sure if Judah was ready for the pup. “My older daughter, she named it Romeo and they were very excited. But I don’t think they understood the responsibility,” Ziggy said.

Of course, coming from a legendary reggae music family, Ziggy might feel a responsibility to keep that going. He does it in his way, having watched his late father Bob and his mother Rita deal with different life situations. Much like the other Marley children, whether by birth or adoption, they seek to have a heart for service in their lives. It’s one of the things that, besides his music, made Bob Marley quite lovable with people.

Now, with his wife and kids around him, Ziggy Marley combines his parents’ lessons with his own from life. And he’s got a partner in Orly who knows a thing or two about helping entertainment acts succeed. Watching them work together must bring a warm heart to Rita and Ziggy’s admirers.