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Who is Snoop Dogg’s Wife? Everything We Know About Shante Broadus

Who is Snoop Dogg’s Wife? Everything We Know About Shante Broadus

Snoop Dogg might get the bright lights and the celebrity status, but there’s no doubt his wife Shante Broadus is right there, too. They work well together as Shante also acts as Snoop Dogg’s manager. It’s OK because she’s been right there by his side for every major decision he’s made.

“Shante has been guiding my career behind the scenes from Day One,” Snoop said back in 2021. “She has always been my final gut check with all my decisions, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I am grateful to have her as my official manager, helping to build the Snoop Dogg empire together.”

“The industry at large is seeing a major shift in more representation of Black women in key executive roles. I am excited to enter this official position, helping to further expand Snoop’s wide-ranging empire,” she added.

Shante Broadus Met Snoop Dogg in High School

That’s all well and wonderful, but just who is Shante Broadus? She and Snoop met back in high school at Long Beach Polytechnic in 1989. In 1997, they got married in Marina Del Rey, Calif. Snoop and Broadus have three children, Cordé, Cordell, and Cori. As for Cori, she’s been dealing with lupus since she was 6 years old. Just this month, Cori informed the world via Instagram that she suffered a “severe stroke.”

Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus are grandparents to Cordé’s children Zion, Leo, and Elleven, as well as Cordé’s late son Kai Love, who died at 10 days old. Snoop and Broadus also are grandparents to Cordell’s kids Cordoba, Chateau, and Symphony Sol.

“My relationship with my kids is more important than anything. It’s a friendship relationship,” Snoop said back in 2015 when he was a guest on Today. “It’s based on me being a father, a mentor and a friend.”

But times have not always been good between Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus. Back in 2004, Snoop filed for divorce yet he backed away from it. “I thought I was the man, and I was willing to give up what I had at home for that, until I realized that what I had at home was irreplaceable,” Snoop said in a 2007 interview with People.

Snoop Dogg’s Wife Has Been on Television Shows

Shante Broadus has made appearances on some TV shows. These include Celebrity Family Feud, Celebrity IOU, and E! True Hollywood Story. She’s also been a part of a 2012 documentary about Snoop’s musical career titled Reincarnated.

Broadus also has found time to form a music management company called Boss Lady Entertainment. It’s been the creative force behind some movies and television shows, including Reincarnated. The company also handles the business of the Compound. It’s an event space with recording and dance studios as part of it. Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, and Kendrick Lamar are among the musical acts that have used the space.

Speaking of even more business ideas, Snoop and Broadus created a scarf line called The Broadus Collection. They came up with this idea due to Cori’s hair falling out. Her Lupus health situation made her hair fall out. Her parents created this line for her, but they and other family members will wear scarves in support of Cori.

As much as family means to Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus, their success comes from a level of hard work and determination.