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Who is Jack Black’s Wife? All About the ‘School of Rock’ Star’s Partner, Tanya Haden

Who is Jack Black’s Wife? All About the ‘School of Rock’ Star’s Partner, Tanya Haden

Jack Black has made millions of people laugh thanks to his movies but one person who makes him smile is his wife, Tanya Haden. See, Haden and Black are married and they have two sons. Their story is quite interesting, which will be highlighted as we take a look at Haden.

She’s an actress, musician, and artist who was born in New York City. Haden and her triplet sisters Rachel and Petra form the musical act The Haden Triplets. Tanya plays the cello while Petra plays the violin. As for the group, they have released two albums of their work. But what’s pretty cool is that they have provided music for rock groups Green Day and Foo Fighters.

Besides her involvement with The Haden Triplets, Tanya also is part of an independent band named Let’s Go Sailing.

Jack Black’s Wife Talks About Working With Sisters

In 2020, Tanya was part of an NPR interview about working with her sisters. She talked about the art of writing harmonies for triplets. “We usually just naturally gravitate towards a harmony,” Haden said. “But we’ll jump around in a song with different harmonies.

“Like on the chorus, Petra will sing the high part, and I’ll sing the middle, and Rachel will sing the low, and then for some reason on a verse we’ll kind of reverse parts not really thinking about it,” she said. “So when we have to go back to the song, we’ll forget, like ‘Who sang wait? Wait …. Is that …’ And we’ll listen to the recording — ‘let’s see’ — and we can’t differentiate our voices sometimes, and I have to listen and go ‘Is that you? Or is that me?’”

As for Black and Haden, they have been together for about 18 years. They got married in 2006 after eloping to Big Sur, Calif. Their paths originally crossed while both were students at Crossroads School, a private K-12 school, in Santa Monica, Calif. Black simply observed Haden from a distance, not pushing for a date or anything like that in school.

Black Admits He Didn’t Talk With Haden Right Away

In an interview with Parade back in 2015, Black said, “I didn’t date Tanya or talk to her or anything in high school. I was pretty shy. (And) I just watched her from afar. We only started dating like 20 years after high school.”

The couple’s first son, Samuel Jason, was born in 2006, while their second, Thomas David, came in 2008.

Prior to dating Haden, Black dated comedian Laura Kightlinger from 1999 to 2005. They lived together but never got married or had children.

Haden attends movie premieres with Black whenever possible. They show up together as a couple. Depending on the movie Black has made, he’ll bring along his children.

Of course, Black is an in-demand actor these days. He has a number of projects on the board for this year and 2025. Black will revive his work as the voice of Po in Kung Fu Panda 4. He’s slotted to appear in Borderlands and Minecraft. Black, though, received high praise for his work as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He will play Claptrap in Borderlands.