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Who is ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Scott Patterson’s Wife? All About Kristine Saryan

Who is ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Scott Patterson’s Wife? All About Kristine Saryan

Scott Patterson made inroads with Gilmore Girls fans as Luke Danes, but he’s got a big fan of his own in his wife, Kristine Saryan. Saryan also had roles on Gilmore Girls with a Season 4 appearance as Miss Patty’s dance assistant Chrissy. Now, she also picked up a role in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

But the biggest role Patterson and Saryan play is as husband and wife. The couple has been spotted rarely in public, yet they occasionally have attended public events. Patterson and Saryan got married in 2014 and are the proud parents of a little boy named Nicholas.

They were introduced to one another while attending a playback in 2000. Patterson and Saryan started hanging out together and became a couple. In the ensuing years, rumors started spreading around about Patterson dating a teenager.

Scott Patterson Corrects Rumors About Wife

That is not true, a point Patterson made while clearing the air in a Facebook post in 2021. He took note of rumors spreading like wildfire online, much of them filled with inaccurate information, Hello Magazine reports.

Patterson wrote, “I am also aware that I signed off on these eventualities when entering public life, but that should not limit my ability to ask that stories regarding my family be reported accurately.

“My wife has seen some of the comments responding to the inaccurate stories, and even though she is a very strong, resilient individual – on top of being a superhero during this pandemic guiding our son through his virtual classroom which we all know is impossible – these comments have troubled her,” Patterson wrote. “That is why I feel compelled to set the record straight.”

Also in this lengthy post, Patterson wrote that he was 41 and Saryan was 21 when they first met.

When they got married in 2014, Patterson was 56 and Saryan was 35. This is Patterson’s second marriage as he was with his high school sweetheart Vera Davish. They dated through school, got married in 1983, and divorced a couple of years later.

‘Gilmore Girls’ Star’s Wife Earned Role

Now, there have been some inquiries about how Saryan got her roles on Gilmore Girls. Patterson said in a Facebook post that the showrunner “had met Kristine several times at industry and show functions, got to know her, and thought she would be perfect for the role.

“She auditioned and won the role,” Patterson wrote. “My wife is a gifted actress […] She is a far better actor than I, and that just goes to show how tough a business this is.”

Patterson loves to talk about Gilmore Girls episodes. He does so through his I Am All In podcast. Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons between The CW and The WB. The show continues to draw new fans. Series episodes from the original run and the Netflix series can all be found on Netflix.

The series starred Lauren Graham, Alexis Biedel, Milo Ventimiglia, Melissa McCarthy, and Jared Padalecki. Fans will remember that the show had a mix of both comedy and drama in its episodes.

They also will recall how beautiful Stars Hollow looked, even though it’s not a real city. Nope, it’s a made-up city name that borrows a look from Washington, Connecticut. The main pieces of Stars Hollow happen to be located on the Warner Bros. Studio in California. Fans flock to see the popular gazebo that still stands at the studio.