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Where is Mindy From ‘Drake and Josh’ Now? What We Know About Allison Scagliotti

Where is Mindy From ‘Drake and Josh’ Now? What We Know About Allison Scagliotti

Fans of Nickelodeon’s Mindy Crenshaw on Drake & Josh will be happy to know that Allison Scagliotti is doing well nowadays. Scagliotti played Mindy, a rival-turned-girlfriend of Josh (played by Josh Peck), in seven episodes between 2004-07. She returned for the show’s spin-off movie, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

Playing Mindy on Drake & Josh helped boost her career even more. Before getting into more details regarding Scagliotti’s career, in 2023, she was interviewed by VoyageLA. Scagliotti offers some insight into the journey she’s been on not only as an actress but as a musician, too.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, showbiz is not a safe place for a young woman, nor is it a kind place to an adult woman emerging into new phases of her career,” she said. “At all times, I have been my own fiercest advocate and extracted myself from situations that threatened my safety and integrity. That kind of boundary setting can rile people up.”

How Allison Scagliotti Dealt With Success

“The biggest challenge has been accepting that success shows up in all manner of costumes you never expect, taking you down paths you never knew existed,” Scagliotti said. “Malleability is something I’ve had to learn along the way.”

Looking at her career, in 2009, Scagliotti popped up as Jayna on Smallville. This work was beyond her playing Mindy on Drake & Josh. When Halloween in 2010 came around, she was a co-host on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters Live. Speaking of SyFy, Scagliotti started playing Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13 in 2009. Her appearance as Claudia led to a regular role in the show’s second season.

Then, Scagliotti appeared as Claudia in a fourth-season episode of Eureka. Other TV work in her career has found her on shows like CSI, One Tree Hill, and Nickelodeon’s Joey 101. While you might check Scagliotti’s work out on those shows, she played Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13, Maddie Clifford on Redemption Maddie, and Sawyer on Read It and Weep.

All quite different roles from Mindy on Drake & Josh.

Mindy From ‘Drake & Josh’ Loves Her Music

Movie work called Scagliotti in 2012, where she appeared in Losers Take All. That film was anchored around a storyline hooked into the 1990s rock music activity. Another role fans might remember her from is Camille in the Freeform series Stitchers, which ran between 2015-17. In 2016, Scagliotti played Georgia in The Vampire Diaries.

Others might know Scagliotti from the world of music. She was in a band called Nice Enough People from 2015-18. Scagliotti appeared in the group alongside her Drake & Josh co-star Jerry Trainor. Then, in 2019, Scagliotti took on a moniker, La Femme Pendu. She has released albums and EPs in this role.

When looking for some data on Scagliotti’s net worth, we’ve found ranges between $3 million and $5 million. She’s worked for many years in two very demanding industries, so here’s wishing her the best going forward!