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Where is Mamie Van Doren Now? What the Actress is Up to at 93

Where is Mamie Van Doren Now? What the Actress is Up to at 93

Mamie Van Doren splashed onto the Hollywood scene as a blonde bombshell, and she’s still alive and well at 93 years old. Van Doren carved out a spot for her among other 1950s-era hotties like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. With her alluring looks and life, she found herself among headlines written up for Hollywood gossip magazines.

These days, Van Doren lives with her fifth husband, Thomas Dixon, in California. She may not be making a lot of public appearances now, but Van Doren keeps active on social media. Mamie Van Doren posts a few times per week on Twitter, either sharing her thoughts on the day’s news or answering a fan’s question.

Oh, she’s not shy about sharing old-school photos of herself, either. Being a Hollywood sex symbol put Mamie Van Doren in front of cameras a whole lot. Van Doren knew that she had the looks to draw attention her way. She made her mark in numerous “bad girl” movies, where her roles included getting plenty of shots of Mamie Van Doren’s curvaceous body.

Mamie Van Doren Finds Bigger Film Roles

Her early film work found Mamie Van Doren under contract with Universal Pictures. The roles that she got from the studio did not allow her to break through into upper stardom. So, she started accepting bigger roles with other studios. Van Doren appeared in movies that fit into the “B movie” category, like Sex Kittens Go to College, The Blonde from Buenos Aires, and The Candidate.

Besides her film work, Mamie Van Doren also recorded some 1950s-era rock songs. She put her spin on them. In the ensuing years, Van Doren has continued to release albums here and there. Her last one of note came out in 2017. Yet Van Doren also developed a Las Vegas stage act, which she performed during the 1970s. She also worked in stage productions of popular films.

In 1968 and again in 1970, Van Doren traveled overseas to entertain the troops in Vietnam. She also made time to visit amputees and burn victims in hospitals, too.

Needless to say, Mamie Van Doren has led quite a life. She’s had numerous affairs earlier in her life, which she talked about in her autobiography, Playing the Field. Oh, Van Doren dropped names, too, like Howard Hughes, Burt Reynolds, Robert Evans, Warren Beatty, Tony Curtis, and Joe Namath, among others.

Hollywood Bombshell Keeps Her Focus on Being Happy

The South Dakota native did have one son, Perry Ray Anthony, with her second husband, band leader Ray Anthony.

When Mamie Van Doren gets on social media, she’s pretty transparent about her life. Fans can ask her questions and she usually will do her best to respond. It’s amazing that at 93 years old, Van Doren still loves to communicate with the public in her own way.

In talking about her life, she focuses on being happy these days. Spending time with her husband, going outdoors for walks on the beach, and loving her pet parrot probably keep her active and vibrant. Mamie Van Doren may take life at a little slower pace now, yet she’s not giving up on it, either. Her story is one filled with career and life ups and downs.

It’s also one that reflects an earlier time in show business, one filled with equal levels of success and failure. Mamie Van Doren is a survivor, proving that age is just a number over and over again.