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Where is Kristin Herrera Today? What Dana From ‘Zoey 101’ is Doing Now

Where is Kristin Herrera Today? What Dana From ‘Zoey 101’ is Doing Now

Kristin Herrera put forth her best effort as Dana Cruz in Season 1 of the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 but left after only one season. What in the world is she doing these days? She has been busy raising a child. Herrera got married a few years ago and appears to be enjoying life.

A native of Los Angeles, Herrera spent time as Dana on Zoey 101. Dana was the roommate of Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) and Nicole (Alexa Nikolas). As Business Insider reports, Herrera decided to leave California. Why? She wanted to be in an exchange student program that was in Paris. Some reports, though, indicated that show writers wrote her out of future scripts. Some reasons offered include Herrera forgetting her lines and/or having personal issues.

Before playing Dana on Zoey 101, Herrera had guest-starring roles on shows, including NYPD Blue, 7th Heaven, The Division, The Bernie Mac Show, ER, and Without a Trace.

Kristin Herrera Is Out of Show Business

Herrera also appeared alongside Hilary Swank in the movie, Freedom Waters. Another movie role in 2007 was Karen in Resurrection Mary. Her last show business role was playing Lourdes Del Torro on ABC’s long-running soap opera, General Hospital, from 2004-08. Herrera did join up with the Zoey 101 cast on All That. She did not return for the 2023 movie, Zoey 102.

Supposedly, Herrera stopped taking on acting roles in 2008.

As we mentioned, Herrera announced on Instagram in March 2020 that she was engaged to Novak. After having their first child in May 2022, the couple got married in October 2022. Herrera also posted pictures of her visiting different countries. She has now set her Instagram account on private mode.

In the years since Zoey 101 finished its run on Nickelodeon, there have been allegations of bullying or abusive behavior taking place. Nikolas has been quite outspoken about how Spears treated her and others. In case you didn’t know, Jamie Lynn is, yes, related to Britney Spears.

Co-Star Alexa Nikolas Speaks Out

Nikolas went on the H3 Podcast in 2023 and shared about her experiences from being on Zoey 101. She claims that Spears gave her the “cold shoulder” treatment while on the set. Later on, things got so bad that there was no communication taking place between them.

“She wouldn’t even respond to me,” Nikolas said, according to Page Six. “And then it became bullying where she would just say harsh things to me like, ‘Why do you smile so much?’”

Nikolas also said that while these alleged comments were “kid bullying s–-t,” those words still “hurt” then. Nikolas accused Spears of making “everyone else feel like they had to also engage in that type of … mean girl situation.”

Herrera doesn’t get out of this unscathed while playing Dana on Zoey 101. Nikolas accused Herrera of shoving her “into a rock at one point.” Herrera added, “It was not a good time.”

As for Herrera, she pretty much stays out of the limelight these days. Maybe she decided to focus on raising her child and enjoying life beyond the bright lights of Hollywood. Herrera was just one of many child actors who worked for Nickelodeon while Dan Schneider oversaw their work.

Allegations of temper issues, gender discrimination, and sexual advances have been made. While he oversaw several programs at Nickelodeon, the network separated itself from Schneider in June 2021.