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What Happened to Amanda Bearse? What Marcy From ‘Married… With Children’ is Doing Now

What Happened to Amanda Bearse? What Marcy From ‘Married… With Children’ is Doing Now

Amanda Bearse reveled in playing nosy neighbor Marcy Rhoades D’Arcy on Fox’s Married… With Children, but what is she doing now?

Bearse played Marcy throughout the show’s 11 seasons. Her character went through many tweaks, yet remained a great foil against Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neill. Bearse and O’Neill didn’t see eye-to-eye behind the scenes but remained professionals on the set.

Marcy D’Arcy expressed some feminist attitudes, including a keen interest in the opposite sex, with the character going through a couple of husbands in Married… With Children‘s run.

David Garrison started out playing Steve Rhoades, but he left the show before its run was over. Ted McGinley, who had previous comedy and sitcom show experience with The Love Boat and Happy Days, came on board as Jefferson D’Arcy.

Marcy D’Arcy frequently ventured across the street to visit Peg Bundy, played by Katey Sagal. Amanda Bearse played up Marcy D’Arcy’s traits well on the show. Without Marcy being a foil for Al, she might have simply been a side character with no stand-out traits.

What is Amanda Bearse From ‘Married… With Children’ Doing Now?

Married… With Children ran until 1997, with Amanda Bearse’s character Marcy D’Arcy featured in nearly every episode. But what has she been doing since the series’ end? Well, Amanda Bearse embarked on a career shift while still working on Married… With Children. She stepped behind the camera for 31 episodes between 1991 and 97.

In addition to her directing work on Married… With Children, Amanda Bearse directed episodes of The Jamie Foxx ShowJesseDharma & GregReba, and MADtv, as well as other series.

In 2023, Bearse shared some reflective thoughts about the beloved sitcom. “It was a very misogynist show,” Bearse told Page Six. “To me, there were some episodes and storylines that I really wasn’t a fan of … there is a bit of cancel culture around it, which to me is not inappropriate.”

The actress added, however, that she was “very grateful for that show for many reasons — mostly because it gave me my second career.”

Bearse Adopted a Daughter With Carrie Schenken

In 1993, Bearse came out as a lesbian. This personal detail, though, was not addressed with her Marcy D’Arcy character. She’s been married to Carrie Schenken for some time, and the pair adopted a daughter.

Bearse was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida. After high school, her family moves to Atlanta. Meanwhile, she attended Rollins College, Birmingham Southern College, and Young Harris College. Bearse got an associate’s degree from Harris. Her acting work started while she attended the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City.

Amanda Bearse’s first break came when she got a role on All My Children. She followed this up with three different film roles, Protocol, Fraternity Vacation, and Fright Night. In 1986, Bearse headed back to television and a guest-starring role on Hotel.

And if you are looking for more on-screen roles in Bearse’s career, then you won’t be disappointed. In 1995, Amanda Bearse had roles in The Doom Generation and Here Come the Munsters. In 2011, she appeared in two episodes of Drop Dead Diva. Then, in 2020, she starred in a German comedy horror film titled Sky Sharks. And, in 2022, Bearse appeared in the movie Bros.