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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Panic After Viewing Maggie Sajak’s Video With Vanna White

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Panic After Viewing Maggie Sajak’s Video With Vanna White

People who follow the social media account of Wheel of Fortune correspondent Maggie Sajak might worry about Vanna White. In this clip from Sajak’s Instagram account, we see White and Sajak exchange greetings. White says, “Hi Barbie!” Sajak passes White and says, “Hi Barbie!”

This is part of an online media trend around the Barbie movie. Yet longtime Wheel of Fortune fans might have taken this scene to mean something else. See, some look and think White is changing places with Sajak.

It’s understandable because Wheel of Fortune fans are getting a little antsy. Pat Sajak, the longtime host of the game show, is leaving later in 2023. White, though, is staying put. She signed an extension on her deal, so she’ll be around when Ryan Seacrest takes over.

That means Maggie will stick in her correspondent role, too. The cute video is simply these two taking part in the latest social media activity.

Maggie Sajak, Vanna White Have Fun With ‘Barbie’

All of this took place on January 4. Maggie wrote this under the video, “Just a couple of Barbie girls living in a @wheeloffortune world. Loving the Barbie vibes of @officialvannawhite’s dress tonight!”

White has been around about as long as Sajak, but she’s sticking in her role for a while longer. Pat Sajak took over the host role more than four decades ago from Chuck Woolery. At one point, Sajak also had his nighttime talk show titled The Pat Sajak Show.

Maggie Sajak joined Wheel of Fortune just in the past few years. She keeps herself busy by supporting the social media efforts of the game show.

White keeps her fans interested through her wardrobe. She’s been known to change dresses between show tapings. That’s a good thing because you don’t want White to be wearing the same thing for two shows in a row. Maggie Sajak and Vanna White appear to get along really well.

With Pat Sajak leaving soon, it will be interesting to see how Vanna and Ryan work out. Seacrest does have some game show experience if you count his time as host of American Idol as a game show. True, it’s not a game show in the usual sense of the term. It’s an audience participation program of course. Wheel of Fortune fans will have to get used to Seacrest as their show host.

White Looks Back On ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Time

But Vanna White will have to adjust to the show’s changing hosts. Pat Sajak has been around since 1982, and this team has been on TV for a good stretch too. In an interview last year with Good Morning America, White looked back on her time with Sajak.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 41 years,” White, 66, said, according to the New York Post. “I think of Pat as family and always will. I know everything about him. I know when he walks in when he’s walking up the stairs. If he’s in a good mood or a bad mood.”

Their time together has been one of the greatest television stories of all time. Sajak and White were selected to join Wheel of Fortune by show creator Merv Griffin. This gave them a direct lineage to the show’s creation. Seacrest now comes along to take Sajak’s spot. Maybe Maggie Sajak will take over for White once she retires.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Pat and Vanna working together for a little bit longer.