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What is Val Kilmer’s Net Worth?

What is Val Kilmer’s Net Worth?

Val Kilmer has been one of Hollywood’s best actors for years before ill health sidelined him, yet his net worth is still good. Kilmer has been in several good movies throughout his career, A majority of them were in the 1980s and 1990s. Still, his health situation might have sidelined a lot of people for good. But he keeps on soldiering ahead in his life and career. So, what is Val Kilmer’s net worth?

Kilmer has a net worth of reportedly $10 million, according to Parade. He has made most of his wealth as an actor, yet Kilmer also has been busy as an artist. He has sold some of his paintings in recent years. It has provided him with a source of income when he wasn’t able to continue working regularly as an actor.

Val Kilmer Sold Off Land To Help Income

Kilmer also sold off a good chunk of his land in New Mexico back in 2011. For that, he reportedly received $18.5 million. Kilmer also has a philanthropic side, too. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, he was intimately involved with rebuilding the city. He’s also been noted to be aware of Native American issues, too.

But he’s been in some of the biggest box office movies. For instance, Kilmer came back to play Tom “Iceman” Kozansky in Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise was pretty adamant in his desire to have Kilmer reprise his role. And when Cruse wants something done, it usually happens. They were able to use some technology that allowed Kilmer’s voice to be heard. That movie banked $1.48 billion worldwide, too.

Since his throat cancer battle, Kilmer lost his voice. He also went through two tracheotomies and chemotherapy, too. Kilmer has had tough times in his life. As a young boy, his parents divorced. Then, in 1977, his brother Wesley, who was an epileptic, drowned in a jacuzzi.

Actor Plays Iconic Role in ‘Batman Forever’

Before this happened, he even had a chance to play Batman in Batman Forever. From our perspective, Kilmer provided a solid job in playing Bruce Wayne and his cowl-wearing opposite. He reportedly pocketed a $6 million paycheck for his work. Kilmer also starred in a movie version of the 1960s TV show The Saint. Toss in Tombstone and even a killer performance as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors and there wasn’t much Kilmer could not do.

He made a breakthrough in films back in the 1980s. That’s due to his work in Top Secret and Real Genius. Then, he found his way onto the Top Gun set in 1986. The “Iceman” was born!

But Kilmer is proving an adage true that you cannot keep a good man down. In 2021, he took center stage in a documentary simply called Val. Leo Scott and Ting Poo were the masterminds behind creating it.

As for his personal life, Kilmer has two children with his former wife, actress Joanne Whalley. They are his daughter Mercedes and his son Jack. In the documentary, they both made appearances in it. Ironically, it was Jack who narrated the documentary.

Kilmer keeps on painting and producing amazing work. His voice may be gone, but his thought and creative process remain very healthy.