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What is Lindsay Lohan’s Net Worth? How Much She Made While Making ‘Mean Girls’

What is Lindsay Lohan’s Net Worth? How Much She Made While Making ‘Mean Girls’

Lindsay Lohan has lived a whole lot of life through her young years and made it pay off working on Mean Girls. When she landed her role in the Tina Fey movie, Lohan was a hot commodity. She had just played opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in an updated version of Freaky Friday. Still a teenager, Lohan knew that she could demand a steep price for her work.

Well, Lohan did just that. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lohan received a $1 million salary for working on Mean Girls. This was during a period when her wealth soared to around $28 million. Yet the Lohan story also involves drug use, crazy incidents, rehab, and other related issues.

Lindsay Lohan Could Be A Handful

Instead of being the sweet, tender-faced actress who could “stretch” when asked by directors, Lohan became a terror. The movie offers stopped coming and Lohan became a regular fixture on TMZ-like shows. Just recently, though, Lohan showed up at a New York City premiere of a musical remake of Mean Girls. She was dressed in a black dress with perfectly coiffed hair.

At this time, Lohan’s net worth is reportedly around $2 million. That’s a far cry from her earlier wealth, which mostly came from her movie roles. Lohan, at one time, picked up $7.5 million paychecks for her movie work.

Then the wheels began to fall off of her career due to too many bad lifestyle choices. Because she reportedly needed the money, Lohan posed nude for Playboy in 2011.

One could look back on Lohan’s career and see Mean Girls as a true turning point for her. What was she like to work with on the set, though? Vanity Fair printed an excerpt from So Fetch: The Making of Mean Girls (And Why We’re Still So Obsessed with It) by Jennifer Armstrong.

‘Mean Girls’ Role Put Lohan In Key Spot

There was a battle over whether Lohan would play Regina or Cady. Lohan wanted to play Regina and for a good reason from her viewpoint. “I had just played—in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Freaky Friday—not the cool girl in school,” Lohan said. “I was still seventeen years old and I wanted to be the cool girl on set.”

According to the book, Paramount boss Sherry Lansing talked with director Mark Waters. Lansing impressed the point onto Waters that Lohan’s audience would not accept her in any other role than Cady. Waters then tried to impress on Lohan that Cady would have more lines than Regina. Also, there would be a story arc where she goes from a good girl to a tough one and transforms back again.

Lohan bought into the plan and eventually started negotiating to play Cady in Mean Girls.

Fey observed Lohan on the movie set and offered her thoughts on the book. “She’s not a weird robot child actor,” Fey said. “While they were adjusting the lights, Lindsay could be on her cell phone talking to her mom and chewing gum. Then as soon as ‘Action!’ was called, she was completely in the scene. Only a kid can do that.”