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What is Iris Apfel’s Net Worth? How the Fashion Icon Made Her Fortune

What is Iris Apfel’s Net Worth? How the Fashion Icon Made Her Fortune

Iris Apfel has been racking up clothes and wins in the fashion industry for years, helping her build her net worth. Apfel founded Old World Weavers with her late husband, Carl Apfel, in 1950. They were in charge of the business until 1992. Iris Apfel helped secure textile contracts with nine Presidents of the United States. They ranged from Harry Truman to Bill Clinton.

But she’s still going strong at 102 years old. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Apfel’s net worth stands at $25 million. Now, Apfel didn’t start out with a silver spoon in her mouth for clothes and fashion. She was born in Astoria, Queens, New York, in 1921. An only child, Iris studied art history at New York University. She went to art school at the University of Wisconsin.

Iris married Carl Apfel in 1948, and they stayed married for 50 years until Carl died in 2015. He was 100 years old at that time.

Iris Apfel Becomes Influencer For Millions

Over the years, fashion fans have followed Iris’ thoughts and career. In 2015, a documentary titled Iris brought her life into more focus. People learned more about the designer, fashion icon, and businesswoman. She shared an interesting outlook regarding business in a 2022 interview with People.

“I’ve never had a business plan, but opportunities came, and I took them,” Apfel said. Speaking of opportunities, Apfel got another one when she was 97 years old. Yes, she became a model for IMG at that time.

As we said, Apfel is still working on her fashion ideas. She has the Iris Apfel H&M Collaboration now available at H&M stores. In this fashion collection, The Sun reports, there are 20 pieces available. Prices range between $30 to $400. People who look this collection up will take note of its colors.

Apfel, in her interview with People, offered up her thoughts about these clothes. “They didn’t put restrictions. I think the line is playful and festive and so much fun,” Apfel said.

Surely, a person who has been around fashion and clothing forever has some thoughts about style. “Style is in your DNA,” Apfel said. “You can learn to be fashionable and to have good taste, but style is something within. It’s a matter of attitude.”

Iconic Designer Still Full of Life

Ipfel passed along some of her wisdom in 2012 as a visiting professor at The Univerisity of Texas at Austin. Being her age offers Ipfel a great chance to still be involved with life. When she was 100 a while back, she offered some thoughts about living a good life in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“There isn’t any secret,” Ipfel said. “I have to give great thanks to the man upstairs. And I have to try to be sensible and eat properly and not smoke anymore—I used to be a heavy smoker—and not drink. You know, don’t live a crazy life, but I think being involved and working very hard, at least for me, is a very, very important factor. I just love to work. It stimulates me.”

For fashion fans all over the world, that’s good news. Because they probably will be on the lookout for any new designs from this fashion icon.