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What is Henry Winkler’s Net Worth? How Much He Made as Fonzie on ‘Happy Days’

What is Henry Winkler’s Net Worth? How Much He Made as Fonzie on ‘Happy Days’

Henry Winkler made a splash on American television as Fonzie on Happy Days and has grown his net worth ever since. Fans of his work might not remember that Winkler was not a lead cast member at first. His appearances through the sitcom’s first season have him wearing a grey windbreaker type of coat. As the show’s producers and writers tweaked his character, the famous black leather jacket was added, too.

Toss in his verbal language focusing on “Aaayyyy!” and “Yo, Mrs. C” and that helped push Henry Winkler to the show’s forefront. It grew into a national phenomenon, putting Winkler ahead of show star Ron Howard. Happy Days proved quite successful for ABC and Paramount Studios, where the show was filmed.

What is Henry Winkler’s Net Worth?

While Happy Days is part of the Winkler success story, there’s so much more. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Henry Winkler’s net worth is around $40 million. For the Happy Days fans out there, Winkler reportedly worked himself up to earning $300,000 per episode. The sitcom ran from 1974 through 1984. But Winkler also found time to make a few movies during his off time from TV.

When Happy Days ended, Henry Winkler said that he found it difficult to get other work as an actor. That’s when he turned his attention to becoming a producer. Among the TV shows he was a part of behind the scenes included MacGyver and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

But acting still was a part of his life. Winkler was in the cast of The Waterboy, starring Adam Sandler. Sandler enjoyed working with Winkler so much that he added him to three more movies. They were Little Nicky, Click, and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

His work eventually found Henry Winkler back on television. He appeared in shows like Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Barry. For Barry, the HBO series created by Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader, Winkler played acting teacher Gene Cousineau. It happened to bring him his first Emmy Award in 2018. Some people might have thought Winkler won an Emmy for his Happy Days work. He was nominated but didn’t win an Emmy. Henry Winkler captured two Golden Globe Awards during his time on the show.

Henry Winkler Also Found Time to Become Author

Besides his acting, producing, and directing work, Henry Winkler also has found time to become an author. In his youth, Winkler suffered from dyslexia and it’s still something he deals with in his life. But he created a character named Hank Zipzer, who also has dyslexia. Winkler, along with Lin Oliver, produced a series of children’s books. They have proven to be very successful in their way.

Throughout a long, prosperous career, Winkler has been able to create work for himself. The breadth and width of his projects go way beyond his leather jacket-wearing days on TV. Even in his later years, Henry Winkler started putting up short family videos on TikTok.

He’s shown an ability to adapt to every situation he has faced in life. Henry Winkler is an American success story, one whose contributions will not be forgotten.