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What is Fran Drescher’s Net Worth?

What is Fran Drescher’s Net Worth?

Fran Drescher has been making headlines recently for her work on behalf of actors, yet she’s been in the business herself. Drescher scored a big hit on TV with her CBS series The Nanny, which ran for six seasons. She’s followed that up with another series, Happily Divorced, which ran two seasons. But she’s been involved creatively with both series. That has helped her in a lot of ways. What in the world is Fran Drescher’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it’s $25 million. Drescher put her writing talents to good use in both series. Along with her former husband Peter Marc Jacobson, Drescher co-created the shows, too. She’s also appeared in a few movies throughout her career.

Fran Drescher Helps Solve Strike Issues

Drescher’s attention, though, has been placed on the SAG-AFTRA strike. It lasted a few months, but Drescher and her leadership were able to solve the issues between the parties.

She was born in Flushing, New York, in the Queens borough. Drescher graduated from high school, and then briefly entered college. But her interests were around being an actor and all the classes were full. Drescher decided to split and go to cosmetology school.

Her initial on-screen appearance was a small one in Saturday Night Fever back in 1977. The next year, she had a role in the Alan Freed biopic American Hot Wax. Drescher kept on working and in 1980, she appeared in Hollywood Knights and Gorp. She also starred in 1983 along with Dan Aykroyd in the funny movie Doctor Detroit.

‘The Nanny’ Star Got Help From CBS Boss

TV work would come along in the 80s for Drescher, which added to her net worth. She appeared in shows like Night Court and Who’s the Boss.

Drescher, then, in 1991 met CBS president Jeff Sagansky while on a flight. They got to talking and it ultimately led her and Jacobson to present him with The Nanny. The show really struggled in its first season. Ratings were not good, yet Sagansky stood behind The Nanny and it stayed on CBS.

For her own peace of mind, Drescher took off on a flurry of media interviews with CBS stations. That seemed to get people leaning into watching the show more. Those efforts kept The Nanny on the air for a little while longer. It also helped to boost Fran Drescher’s net worth, too.

She’s also quite busy helping people who deal with cancer. Drescher is a cancer survivor herself and even wrote a book titled Cancer Schmancer. She freely talks about her struggles in the hopes that it will help another person.