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What is Drake Bell’s Net Worth? How Much He Made As a Nickelodeon Child Star

What is Drake Bell’s Net Worth? How Much He Made As a Nickelodeon Child Star

Drake Bell was on a lot of kids’ television screens thanks to the success of Drake & Josh. So, what is Bell’s net worth?

It’s an interesting figure and how he got to this point. Besides his show, Bell also was a regular on The Amanda Show, starring Amanda Bynes. While he’s had some success as an actor and musician, Bell has had to deal with some severe situations. He filed for bankruptcy and said he was $600,000 in debt. Most of that reportedly was due to his involvement with the IRS. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bell is worth $600,000.

Bell was born in 1987 in Santa, Ana, Calif. His parents divorced when he was 5 years old. Later on in life, Drake Bell attended Orange County High School of the Arts en route to building his net worth. His acting training there would come in handy quite soon.

Drake Bell Builds Net Worth Acting

Drake Bell made his television debut in 1994 on an episode of ABC’s Home Improvement. His first national television advertisement was for Whirlpool Appliances. Bell started appearing on The Amanda Show from 1999 through 2002. Then, Josh Peck, his good friend, and Bell joined up for their show, Drake & Josh.

Drake & Josh ran from 2004 to 2007. Fans follow the adventures of two teens who are stepbrothers living together. For his work, Bell earned nine Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. Bell also has some movie credits to his name, too.

The list includes Yours, Mine and Ours, Dragon World, and Jerry Maguire starring Tom Cruise. In 2011, Bell popped up as Timmy Turner in a live-action TV movie titled A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! He picked up some animation work in 2012, getting cast as Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man. Bell also appeared as Spider-Man in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Beyond acting, Bell is also a musician. He’s recorded several albums and has a lot of fans in Mexico. Bell did head down there for a tour at one time. Fun fact: Bell co-wrote and performed the Drake & Josh theme song titled Found A Way.

Peck, Bell Don’t Earn Residuals

While we don’t have a direct total regarding how much Bell earned at Nickelodeon, Peck has openly discussed his salary. In his memoir Happy People Are Annoying, Bell wrote that he earned $15,000 per Drake and Josh episode. Taking that number and multiplying by four seasons, that total comes out to around $900,000. Yet about half of that went to his agent and other managers who helped run Peck’s career.

That left Peck with $450,000 from his Nickelodeon show. What could be surmised out of this regarding Bell’s salary? Peck and Bell were the lead actors on the show, so it would make sense that they were paid evenly. Peck also shared a little tidbit in this story from PopBuzz. There are no residuals offered from kids’ television shows. Drake and Josh finished its run in 2007, but Nickelodeon has shown it in reruns ever since.

As for his personal life, Bell reportedly did date some of the actresses on Nickelodeon shows. He was supposedly seeing Bynes for a little bit at one point.

Bell will be speaking out publicly in a documentary titled Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. In a press release, according to the New York Daily News, Bell will talk about the abuse he suffered at the hands of dialogue coach Brian Peck. As an aside, he’s no relation to Josh Peck, Bell’s co-star.