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What Happened to Robert Plant’s Wife? All About His Ex Maureen Wilson

What Happened to Robert Plant’s Wife? All About His Ex Maureen Wilson

Maureen Wilson may be a footnote to some Led Zeppelin fans, but she meant a lot more than that as the wife to Robert Plant. Wilson, who was born in India but raised in England, and Plant first went out in 1966. They were headed to a rock concert put on by Georgie Fine, but the concert was canceled.

Wilson and Plant started getting more serious, with Robert Plant around over the years Wilson provided some financial support to Plant. Wilson worked as a nurse and met Plant while she was filling this role.

They ended up getting married in November 1968. Plant and Wilson stayed married through 1983 and had three children, Carmen, Karac, and Logan. Wilson did go out on tour with Led Zeppelin once. She chose to stay home and take care of their children.

Robert Plant Wrote ‘Thank You’ For His Wife

Plant wanted to express his love for Wilson through song. He did so by writing and performing Thank You, which appeared on Led Zeppelin II.

Tragedy, though, hit the couple in 1977. Son Karac died from a stomach virus at 5 years old while Led Zeppelin was on a tour in the United States. As a tribute to Karac, Robert Plant wrote the song All My Love along with John Paul Jones. That song appeared on Led Zeppelin’s record In Through The Out Door.

His death put a stress on the marriage. That, along with Plant’s lengthy time away from Maureen while on tours, ended up straining their relationship. Plant reportedly told Maureen that he’d remained faithful to her while on the road, but she wasn’t so sure. It became irreconcilable and in August 1983, the couple divorced, according to RocksOff Magazine.

Maureen Wilson Dated Guitarist After Divorce

Wilson, post-divorce, dated guitarist Ian Hatton for a little bit in 1991. Beyond that, there’s not a lot of information about her relationships. Also in 1991, Robert Plant hooked up with Shirley Wilson, Maureen’s sister. That relationship produced a child, Jesse Lee.

“Maureen was good for Robert, and he couldn’t have wished for a better family because they took him under their wing,” John Crutchley, a friend of Plant’s, said in the book Robert Plant: A Life by Paul Rees. “He stayed at Trinity Road quite a lot, among all the comings and goings there.”

Wilson is still alive at 75 years old. She and Plant have remained friendly after a few years of distance from their divorce. Wilson attended a 2010 concert where Plant performed with Band of Joy, a reference to Plant’s first band. They are friendly with one another but nothing serious at all.

As an aside, neither Wilson nor Plant have gotten married again. Plant has reportedly had relationships with Caroline Munro, Patty Griffin, Deborah Rose, Alannah Myles, Audrey Hamilton, and Alison Krauss, among others.

Plant is not through touring, either. He and Krauss will visit 20-plus cities this summer on their Can’t Let Go Tour. The tour starts in June and lasts until September.