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What Happened to Mike Lookinland? What the ‘Brady Bunch’ Star is Doing Now

What Happened to Mike Lookinland? What the ‘Brady Bunch’ Star is Doing Now

Mike Lookinland, by name, might not be recognizable to some people but you mention The Brady Bunch and his name rings a bell. Lookinland, 63, who was born in Mount Pleasant, Utah, now lives in Salt Lake City. We’ll add a few more details to his current life situation in a minute.

If you have seen one episode of The Brady Bunch, then you know Lookinland played the youngest son, Bobby Brady. He was a member of the show’s cast through its original run between 1969-74. And yes, there were some episodes in there where Bobby was highlighted over some family hijinx.

After the sitcom ended its five-season run, Lookinland managed to snag a role in The Towering Inferno in 1974. He’s also been a regular cast member when Brady-related specials or spin-offs hit the airwaves. Lookinland reportedly didn’t have any interest in being on The Brady Bunch Hour. He asked for double the salary offered him for the show. Well, that was done….and it helped other cast members get their salaries boosted, too.

Mike Lookinland Still Part Of ‘Brady Bunch’

That show lasted only one season, but television was still a desirable place for all things Brady. Other shows where Lookinland played Bobby Brady include The Brady Girls Get Married in 1981, A Very Brady Christmas in 1988, and The Bradys series in 1990. In 2000, Lookinland popped on the screen as a camera operator working on The Brady Bunch for the movie Growing Up Brady.

Lookinland joined his fellow castmates for the HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation. But he’s not involved in show business really at all anymore. He’s now living in the Salt Lake City area with his wife Kelly and their two children. Lookinland runs a business that makes decorative concrete.

But the acting itch hit him again in 2021. He joined Brady Bunch stars Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, and Robbie Rist (Cousin Oliver) for the Lifetime movie Blending Christmas. Then, in 2022, Lookinland, Williams, and Knight as “Mummies” on the popular Fox show The Masked Singer. The trio were eliminated as they took part in “TV Theme Night.”

Beyond his business working in decorated concrete, Lookinland also has spent time as a production assistant and camera operator.

Over the years, Lookinland has given interviews here and there. In 2019, he spoke at length with the Deseret News about different topics. Lookinland talks about his desire to leave Hollywood for a better place to live.

Actor Bolts From Hollywood For Utah

“I was just barely 17 years old, and I had been in the business since I was 7 — more than half my life,” Lookinland said. “And I had never really been the kind of person who said to himself, ‘I want to be an actor. This is what I want to do.’ But it turns out that I ended up on one of the most popular shows ever.

“I guess I just felt like I could go see what a normal kid would do with his life,” he said. “I tell ya, it hasn’t been in the news so much lately, but there was a time when child actors who made it big and then got into their 20s got in serious trouble. … Where you’re a big star but you became a big star when you were a child and screwed up your life in your 20s. It’s a bit of a miracle that all six of us made it through that.”

For Lookinland, sticking his toe back into show business might not have been much of a stretch. Yet it allowed people watching TV at home to see a few of their favorite sitcom stars again. In another part of this interview, he mentions that he’s never had a bad experience with the fans. Lookinland stays grounded, even when finding himself again as a Brady.