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What Happened to Mara Wilson After ‘Matilda’?

What Happened to Mara Wilson After ‘Matilda’?

Mara Wilson captured the hearts of millions by appearing in Matilda, a 1996 feature film that focuses on a psychic child. The movie was directed by Danny DeVito and pretty much set Wilson up for a successful career as an actress. But that was not to be in the cards for her. Wilson didn’t want to be around the fame and fortune that a Hollywood lifestyle brings with it.

No, Mara Wilson chose a different path…the one of a writer.

It’s significant to note that the year Matilda came out, Mara Wilson’s mother died. This could be seen as an event that led her out of the bright lights. There will be a time, though, when she comes back to it as a voice actress.

Mara Wilson Viewed ‘Matilda,’ Acting as a ‘Hobby’

Back in 2019, Wilson was interviewed by Parade about her career and what she’s been doing since Matilda came out. She was asked if she gets recognized out in public and her reaction to it.

“For a long time, I didn’t really understand that these people were genuinely my fans and that they really actually liked me,” Wilson said. “For me, acting was just a hobby. But now I can see the looks on their faces and see what it meant to them, especially with Matilda. It’s impressive and humbling.”

Before Matilda came out, Mara Wilson appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire and a retelling of Miracle on 34th Street. Yet fame was not something really important to Wilson at all.

“I found it kind of overwhelming,” she said. “Most of the time, I just wanted to be a normal kid, especially after my mother died. I think if I could do it over again—as much as I loved meeting the people I did on the films after Matilda—I wish that I had stopped after Matilda. I wish that I had just focused on my own life for a while.”

‘Matilda’ Star Has Life Of A Writer

As an adult, Matilda star Mara Wilson wrote a memoir titled Where Am I Now? She also finished writing a play called Sheeple. That play was accepted into the New York International Fringe Festival. Wilson was pitching it around to see if it might get accepted into a film adaptation.

Among her voiceover credits include BoJack Horseman, Helluva Boss, and Ozzie & Scoop.

One notable shift in Mara Wilson’s life occurred when she was diagnosed as having obsessive-compulsive disorder. She got this diagnosis and it led her to get help. Through her journey, she’s also been quite vocal when it comes to mental health advocacy. Wilson has come to see that she can help others find their way to reach out.

Since Matilda, Mara Wilson has taken odd acting jobs here and there, but it’s pretty obvious that she’s moved on with her life. And she is OK with that.