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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Posts Epic Selfie With Dick Van Dyke

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Posts Epic Selfie With Dick Van Dyke

Imagine when two funny, talented people get together and you get “Weird Al” Yankovic singing it up with Dick Van Dyke. It’s quite a pairing, don’t you think? Now, we don’t know where this photo was taken. Van Dyke does not travel that much these days. Oh, he still gets around pretty well for a guy who is 98 years old.

Yankovic, who is known for making musical fun with Eat It and I Lost on Jeopardy!, shows up with his accordion to play along with Van Dyke. It’s simply amazing that these guys found time to get together. Maybe these guys are singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or a song suitable for a chimney sweep.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Paid Tribute to Dick Van Dyke

Back in December 2023, CBS hosted a special titled Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic. Yankovic was part of a huge number of guests who were helping Van Dyke celebrate. Yankovic got up and sang the original lyrics to The Dick Van Dyke Show theme song. Guess who wrote the lyrics? None other than comedian Morey Amsterdam, who played Buddy Sorrell on the famous sitcom.

On this special, set designers did their best to recreate sets or items reflecting Van Dyke’s career. The highlight of it all was the detailed work they did in recreating the Petries’ den. These workers looked closely at pictures and videos, making notes of everything they saw on the original set.

When Van Dyke walked out to the finished set area, he reportedly had tears in his eyes. Van Dyke and Larry Mathews, who played Ritchie Petrie, are the only ones still alive from Van Dyke’s 1960s sitcom. But the memories of Rob, Laura, Sally, Buddy, Mel Cooley, and Alan Brady remain alive.

Looking at Van Dyke and Yankovic, they were able to put on their funny faces in this photo. Yankovic wrote in the caption area, “Currently auditioning singers for my new supergroup.” Fans filled up the comments section on Yankovic’s account with their musical pleas. One of them even put a GIF in there of Van Dyke dancing in Mary Poppins.

Yankovic Celebrated TV Movie About His Life

Yankovic had his life played out in a 2022 TV movie simply titled Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Viewers saw parts of Yankovic’s life in there. The movie was reportedly filled with some factual information with a splash of satire tossed in there.

Daniel Radcliffe played “Weird Al” in there. Others in the cast were Evan Rachel Wood, Spencer Treat Clark, Julianne Nicholson, Rainn Wilson, and Jack Black, who played Wolfman Jack. IMDb voters have given the movie 6.9 points out of 10.

But that movie managed to win the Outstanding Television Movie award at the 2023 Creative Arts Emmys. Yankovic was present along with director Eric Appel at the ceremony. It is just another outstanding award for Yankovic, who also has several Grammys at home for his music.

Van Dyke stays youthful at his age by moving around a lot. He has said in the past that it’s pretty much his secret to living as long as he has to this moment. Occasionally, his wife Arlene Silver will post a video of him either singing or dancing. Dick can still do a pretty decent half-step for an old hoofer like him.