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‘General Hospital’ Star Tyler Christopher Struggled With Alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder Prior to Death

‘General Hospital’ Star Tyler Christopher Struggled With Alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder Prior to Death

Prior to his unexpected death on Tuesday (October 31st), General Hospital star Tyler Christopher had been candid about his struggles with alcoholism and bipolar disorder over the years.

Fox News Digital reports that in a recent op-ed for Reader’s Digest, Christopher opened up about his alcoholism and the struggles he faced with bipolar disorder. “Before I took a leap to recovery, I struggled with my mental health,” he wrote. “My addiction to alcohol contributed to losing my jobs on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives — no one else is to blame.”

Tyler Christopher stated that eventually he was able to see “the light” with his actions, and was in a fortunate position to be able to get the help he needed. The actor further revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in amplifying his struggles, but he was able to get help through an inpatient program. 

As previously reported, Christopher died in his apartment on Halloween night at the age of 50. General Hospital star Maurice Benard, broke the news. “It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Tyler Christopher,” he revealed. “Tyler passed away this morning following a cardiac event in his San Diego apartment.” 

Benard also described Christopher as a truly talented individual who lit up the screen in every scene he performed. “[He] relished bringing joy to his loyal fans through acting. Tyler was a sweet soul and wonderful friend to all of those who knew him.”  

Tyler Christopher Was Making ‘Serious Changes’ To Be a Better Father to His Two Children 

According to superfan, Joanne Morrissey, Tyler Christopher was making an effort to make “serious changes” to be a better father to his two children, Boheme and Greyson. 

“He talked a lot about them,” Morrissey told People about Christopher’s relationship with his children… “So in this particular instance, when I asked him, he explained that he tried to see them. I think he said once a month he tried to go to visit them… but you know he had to do it over a three-day period.”

Morrissey also said that Tyler Christopher explained the last time he was able to see his children was “about eight months at this point” after their last visit attempt didn’t go the way everyone planned. He had notably rented an Airbnb to prepare for the kids’ arrival, only to pass out on the coach. The children left with their mother, his ex-wife Brienne Pedigo. Christopher admitted he didn’t realize he “missed out on” their time together until he woke up the next day. 

Morrissey said that Christopher’s son took the situation extremely hard. “And I could sense and could tell from the way he was describing that he had a really hard time forgiving himself for that.”