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‘Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer Reacts to Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre Reunion

‘Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer Reacts to Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre Reunion

Jon Cryer has been seeing the reports around former Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen making up for lost time with Chuck Lorre. Sheen, who played Charlie on the CBS sitcom, lost his job after making disparaging remarks against Lorre. Eventually, Lorre put Ashton Kutcher on there and the show ran for four more seasons.

So, what does Cryer think about the reunion going on here? Is a reunion show in the works? “I’m not going to rule anything out, but I haven’t talked to Charlie,” Cryer told ET Online. “I’m really glad they made up… I can only say for Chuck, clearly. He has the enormous relief of somebody who’s been able to rekindle a friendship that was really meaningful to him.”

‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Talks About Lorre-Sheen Bond

Sheen and Lorre had a solid working relationship during the sitcom’s early seasons. It gave some people false hope that Sheen was going to settle down from his partying ways. Obviously, that did not happen during that time span. Cryer reiterates this point.

“He (Lorre) and Charlie were very, very close for the first few years of Two and a Half Men and that they’ve managed to reconcile is really lovely,” Cryer told ET. “I have not spoken to Charlie. I don’t know that he knows my number anymore. But anything could happen.”

Fans can keep their hopes up around a possible one-off reunion show. Anything is possible and Cryer knows it. But he’s not waiting around for a phone call from Lorre. He is set to star in Extended Family. It’s a new sitcom where Cryer plays Jim, who is a happily divorced guy. He lives with his ex-wife (Abigail Spencer) and their kids while she starts dating someone new (Donald Faison).

Jon Cryer All Hyped Up Over His New Show

“We shot the pilot of this show almost two years ago because it’s taken this crazy winding path,” Cryer said. “We all love it so much and we all cared about it so much… We could not be more thrilled for America to finally get a chance to see it.”

Back to Lorre and Sheen for a minute. Entertainment Tonight chatted it up with Lorre in November about working with Sheen all over again.

“I was hopeful that Charlie was in a good place and up for it. He couldn’t have been more gracious and enthusiastic and generous about the whole thing,” Lorre said of Sheen, who is now a recurring character on Bookie. “It was just the most natural thing in the world. The two of us hugged… It was closure. It was healing. And it was a big weight off my heart. I don’t want to speak for Charlie, but I think he felt the same thing. It was a great opportunity for us to bury that darkness, and have fun.”

Should Lorre, Sheen, and Cryer decide to pull off a Two and a Half Men reunion, ratings probably would be really awesome for CBS.