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‘Two and a Half Men’ Actor Reunion Just Happened on Chuck Lorre’s New Show

‘Two and a Half Men’ Actor Reunion Just Happened on Chuck Lorre’s New Show

Chuck Lorre found himself with massive success with Two and a Half Men, but there wasn’t always peace in the valley. Lorre, though, is finding a way to reconnect with the stars of that show. For his new show Bookie, Charlie Sheen came on board for an episode. Now, Lorre has found space for an all-grown-up Angus T. Jones to make an appearance.

Getting back together with both Sheen and Jones has been cathartic for Lorre. It’s given him a chance to mend any fences that needed to be done. Consider Sheen and Jones almost being like two lost sheep coming home to see a familiar face.

For Sheen and Lorre, they had an infamous collapse between both men many years ago. Now, with years passing and becoming like water under the bridge, both men have reunited.

Angus T. Jones, Charlie Sheen Play Themselves On Show

Jones’ situation deserves attention, too. He left Two and a Half Men after Season 10 and didn’t appear in the final two seasons. But he did make a return visit for the show’s series finale. At one point, Jones called himself “a paid hypocrite” about his time on the show, Variety reports.

One thing Sheen and Angus T. Jones did on Bookie is they played themselves. Lorre decided to give fans of the old sitcom a callback moment to its pilot episode. He set up a poker game for the Bookie pilot with nearly all the actors involved in one years earlier on Two and a Half Men.

Nearly everyone who was at the show’s poker table in 2003 is back for the 2023 Bookie scene. They include Sheen, Jones, Eddie Gorodetsky, Eugene Byrd, Frankie Jay Allison, and Dan Foster. Thomas F. Wilson was in the original scene, too, but couldn’t make it.

The poker table idea popped out for Bookie when Danny (Sebastian Maniscalco) and Ray (Omar Dorsey) make a visit to Charlie. He’s running a poker game inside a rehab center.

“And then we both at the same time when we were talking about the scene, we both went, let’s recreate the poker scene from the pilot of ‘Two and a Half Men,’” Lorre said. “Which is those guys at the table, 20 years ago, when we shot the pilot. Angus was nine years old, and [as Jake], he was in his pajamas, annoying the guys playing poker. Now 20 years later, let’s see if Angus wants to come play and be in the scene as one of the poker players now.

Chuck Lorre Reached Out To Young For Role

“I called Angus and said, ‘You want to come hang out for an afternoon and have some fun and do this?’ And he was game. His chops are also uncanny. He didn’t pursue acting after the show. But he’s still a natural.”

Bakay adds, “That scene grew out of some back and forth, in terms of what was the comfort zone of what Charlie wanted to do. And then, that was Chuck’s idea, sort of a little gift to the ‘Two and a Half Men’ completionists out there. It is literally a recreation of the very first scene of the very first episode, and that poker game. Everybody at that table was in that first ‘Two and a Half Men’ scene and there’s Angus all grown up.”

There’s no word if Jon Cryer will be making an appearance on Bookie down the road. You can catch Bookie on Max.