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Turner Classic Movies Releases In Memoriam Video Paying Tribute to Stars Who Passed in 2023

Turner Classic Movies Releases In Memoriam Video Paying Tribute to Stars Who Passed in 2023

Turner Classic Movies does one of the best In Memoriam presentations each year, offering a tender place to say goodbye to movie stars. Of course, there are more than stars involved in the videos. Production people, cameramen, screenwriters, directors, and many others in the film industry receive recognition.

In this year’s video, TCM offers its usual display of friendly faces that we lost in 2023. Richard Roundtree made a name for himself in the 1970s by playing John Shaft. Raquel Welch was one of the world’s most attractive actresses of her time. Burt Young, a fine character actor, cemented his place in movie lore by playing Paulie Pennino in Rocky.

Those are just some of our film friends that have passed away. While it might be easy for Turner Classic Movies to simply keep its reach to American actors and actresses, they include international stars.

Now, it should be said that there’s always someone complaining that TCM left this or that person out of their tribute. If TCM could get away with it, then they might think about running a 15- or 20-minute tribute. Yet the 4-plus-minutes offered this year does fit in a lot of people.

Movie fans and, well, entertainment fans, too, watch this every year. It gives everyone a chance to pay their respects, even simply by observing the people who have died. These people worked years in the film industry in one way or another. This year’s video also pays homage to author Cormac McCarthy, too.

Turner Classic Movies’ Video Touches Fans’ Hearts

What catches people every year when they see the TCM video will be a star they didn’t know had died. Sure, fans will note when their favorites have passed away. Harry Belafonte’s followers know that the great singer, actor, and activist died. Maybe, though, they forgot about Treat Williams. Robert Blake, a child actor remembered for his role from In Cold Blood as well as TV’s Baretta, also passed away in 2023.

This is simply an example of not always remembering stars who are no longer with us. Turner Classic Movies, in some viewer’s minds, does a better job with their In Memoriam video than, say, the Oscars or Emmys. The production of this video is always first-rate. Music overlays numerous clips of actors and actresses in well-known roles. There’s no individual voice talking over these clips. If some words are being said, they are coming from the individual in the scene…not a narrator.

This year’s music features AG and Christina Perri performing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Learning to Fly. If you notice, TCM blends this song while showing the clips very well. Fans will watch this year’s In Memoriam and possibly shed a tear or two.

One of the good things about social media is a video like this brings most people together. Comments are more along the lines of “thank you TCM” instead of caustic behavior. As we said, there will be fans pointing out that a particular someone was left out of the list. Most fans are appreciative of TCM’s work every year at this time.

As we say goodbye to some of our favorite actors and actresses, the memories we have of their work will be with us forever.