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Travis Kelce Arrives at Super Bowl Stadium Sporting Shimmering Suit

Travis Kelce Arrives at Super Bowl Stadium Sporting Shimmering Suit

Travis Kelce channeled Vegas-era Elvis as he strutted just into Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl in a shimmering suit. The tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs was seen wearing a stylish black sequined bouclé Amiri jacket, accompanied by matching pants. He paired it with a sleek black T-shirt and adorned his neck with two silver Cuban-link chain necklaces.

Footage of Travis Kelce doing his best John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever impersonation made its way to X (formerly Twitter).

Of course, Swifties and NFL fans alike flooded social media to gush over Kelce’s shimmering suit. “Travis is about to go fight for his right to party tonight!”, one Chiefs fan exclaimed. “Bros got that drip on,” another fan agreed. “Alexa play “Ready for It”‘, Les Vegas’ X account replied to the footage.

One Swiftie even speculated that the sparkles were perfect to pop the question in. “Proposal outfit?”, they wondered.

However, not everyone was taken with Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl suit, with one fan joking, “[he]needs to give Taylor her outfit back”. Another fan agreed, writing, “Did he borrow that from Taylor?” Another pouting NFL fan has had enough of Kelce. “I hope the chiefs trade him off next year,” they wrote.

Travis Kelce Claimed His Shimmering Super Bowl Suit Pays Homage to Las Vegas Legends

Travis Kelce gave a hint of his sparkling suit for the Super Bowl while appearing on the Pat McAfee Show. He enthusiastically mentioned his intention to bring out all the extravagant elements, drawing inspiration from iconic figures of Las Vegas like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Although he failed horribly at bringing that classic Sinatra style, he does look a little like the jumpsuit Vegas-era Elvis.

“I got a few different things that I got in the closet that I might pull out. But you already know, man, we’re in Vegas, baby,” Kelce teased. “The lights are on, man. You might see me in a Sinatra, in an Elvis Presley [outfit],” Kelce added. “I might have to bring out all the bells and whistles for this one.”

Despite appearances, Kelce carefully selects his outfits. He recently admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he spends up to three hours choosing a single pre-game look. Ironically, he didn’t bother to take an hour-long flight to support Swift at the Grammy’s last Sunday. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift took a reportedly grueling 13-hour-long flight from Tokyo to be in attendance for Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl appearance.