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Tony Danza Causes Scene After Barking at NYC Dog Walker

Tony Danza Causes Scene After Barking at NYC Dog Walker

Tony Danza is making headlines after having a public spat on a busy New York City sidewalk.

According to Page Six, the Who’s the Boss alum was rushing through his Upper West Side neighborhood earlier this week when he came across a dog walker who wouldn’t get out of his way. And that led to the alleged argument. However, there are two sides to the story. And sources are conflicted about who the “a-hole” was. 

The so-called scene took place as Danza was “pushing his way through anything and anyone in his path,” says a source with the publication. When he came upon a woman walking a labrador, he “barked” at her and then shouted, “Get your dog out of my way!”

The woman, described as “petite,” wasn’t impressed with his star status or attitude. So she yelled back, “Tony Danza, stop being an a-hole.”

A Source Says ‘No Spat’ Transpired Between Tony Danza and Dog Walker

The publication dug around for more witnesses after learning the story. And a second person claims Danza had a right to be upset with the woman because she wasn’t minding her large pet. That person also claims that “no spat” transpired. 

“Tony saw a good-sized dog coming towards him. And he knows the dogs in NYC have the right of way!” the person shared. “He moved over to let the dog pass, and the woman didn’t pull back on the leash. And the dog continued to come towards him. He had to jump over the dog to get out of the way.”

Whether or not the 72-year-old actually barked at the passerby will likely never be clear. But the headline comes only weeks after the actor had to field allegations that he had an affair with John Stamos’ girlfriend, Teri Copley, in the ’80s. So he’s probably not excited about the press. 

In his recent memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, the Full House star shared that he went to Copley’s home after he hadn’t heard from her for an extended period of time. When he walked into her room, he found her naked with Danza.

Copley, who was a model and actress, has since confirmed that she and Tony Danza had a relationship. She also admitted that Stamos did walk in on them. But she claims she and Stamos were no longer in a relationship at that time.