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Tom Selleck Reveals Details of Upcoming Memoir ‘You Never Know’

Tom Selleck Reveals Details of Upcoming Memoir ‘You Never Know’

Tom Selleck is an iconic TV and film star, firearms advocate, and pitchman. Now he can add being an author to his list of achievements. The Blue Bloods star will release his memoir, You Never Know, in May of 2024.

You Never Know sees Selleck leading fans through his “remarkable life and thoroughly accidental career.” Of course, the writing will be in Selleck’s signature homespun voice. The upcoming book will be “in his own voice and uniquely unpretentious style,” according to a release from Dey Street Books. “The famed actor brings readers on his uncharted but serendipitous journey to the top in Hollywood, his temptations and distractions, his misfires and mistakes, and, over time, his well-earned success,” the release adds. 

Selleck will share his early years in California and his collegiate athletic days in Hollywood. Finally, the book chronicles his journey to stardom in his thirties and beyond, maturing on the silver screen. “From the USC basketball court to a happy accident, to discovering and then embracing the work I love. It’s a long bumpy road with some singles, some home runs, and a whole lot of strikeouts,” Selleck recently told People. “I figure it’s time to share the ride.”

Tom Selleck’s Memoir Details His Big Break Alongside James Garner

Of course, the memoir promises to detail Tom Selleck’s relationships with other icons such as Carol Burnett and James Garner. Selleck famously got his big break alongside Garner in a recurring role on The Rockford Files. The release acknowledges that Garner was something of a mentor to the young star, and encouraged him to pursue roles with “rough edges”.

The publisher guarantees that Magnum, P.I. fans will be captivated by the book’s insights. They’ll discover how Tom Selleck skillfully imbodied Thomas Magnum, an imperfect hero that resonated with fans.

The memoir will be filled with Selleck’s defining qualities of charm, talent, and humor. From his iconic role as Dr. Richard Burke on Friends to his current role as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, now in its 14th season.

Selleck Reportedly Left ‘Magnum, P.I.’ to Focus on Family

The Detroit native and his wife, Jillie Mack, celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary in August. They first met when she was performing in the musical Cats in 1983. After getting married, he left Magnum, P.I. to start a family and settle down on a ranch in Ventura, California.

In 1988, the couple joyfully welcomed their daughter, Hannah Selleck. Additionally, he embraced his ex-wife Jacqueline Ray’s son, Kevin, who is now 57 years old.

He joins a lineup of celebrities who have recently penned memoirs, including Britney Spears, Matthew Perry, John Stamos, and Matthew McConaughey. You Never Know is set to drop on May 7, 2024