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‘Today’ Celebrates Al Roker’s 45th Anniversary With Touching Lookback Video

‘Today’ Celebrates Al Roker’s 45th Anniversary With Touching Lookback Video

Al Roker has been a staple on NBC and the Today show for 45 years and Monday morning, he received a wonderful treat. Sitting with his cohosts, Roker was honored with a lookback video from the show. The venerable weatherman has been bringing forecasts into “your neck of the woods” for a long, long time.

But Roker began his career working at WKYC in Cleveland. When he joined the channel, it was an NBC affiliate. Well, in 1983, Roker shifted to working at WNBC-TV in New York. He would become that station’s weathercaster on weeknights. Roker also would occasionally step in to fill the shoes of Willard Scott from 1990-95. Eventually, when Scott retired in 1996, Roker took over the role on a full-time basis.

After receiving his accolades, Roker said, “Nobody gets to be somewhere this long without friends and a team behind you.” He then heaped praise on the Today team as well as co-workers from his time in Cleveland. Roker also mentioned his fellow co-workers from his time on WNBC, including Chuck Scarborough, Sue Simmons, and Len Berman.

In a cute touch, the show put together a “by the numbers” card for Roker. For instance, Today said that Roker has had “7,047 wake-ups at 3:45 a.m.” Toss in 13 Olympic broadcasts and 27 Thanksgiving Day parade broadcasts, too.

Al Roker Has Missed Some Time Over Health Issues

One thing Roker did a lot is keep in touch with his fans and followers. When he felt like doing it, he would post a photo along with a health update on social media platforms. Deborah Roberts, Roker’s wife and an ABC correspondent, also has been letting people know about Roker’s health.

For some time recently, Roker has been back in his trusty weatherman spot. Yet he’s also been out for periods with serious health issues.

Roberts went on social media recently and wished people “comfort and ease.” It came one year after Roker was hospitalized. He was not able to fulfill his duties at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. NBC has been the host network for the parade for many years.

But Roker was back at his spot this past Thanksgiving. Good Burger costars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were part of the parade in their Good Burger mobile. As they passed Roker, Thompson and Mitchell yelled, “You’re a dude!”

Roker also has been known to go onsite when weather tragedies take place. He’s been almost like a goodwill ambassador for the show when meeting with people.

Also, Roker has been a strong proponent of walking and getting exercise. Followers of Roker know that he has shown himself by getting out there and putting in his steps. His weight-loss journey has been in the news, too.

But he does take his job seriously. That’s one reason, among many reasons, Al Roker has been a trustworthy voice over the years. Well, Al’s put 45 years in the books with NBC. Here’s wishing him good health and many more years on Today.