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Toby Keith’s First Time Smoking With Willie Nelson Was Hilarious

Toby Keith’s First Time Smoking With Willie Nelson Was Hilarious

When Toby Keith crossed paths with Willie Nelson while out in Las Vegas, you knew that smoking might take place. And, of course, we’re not taking cigarettes or cigars here, friends. Most people who have followed Nelson’s career and lifestyle know that weed is an essential element.

Willie’s got to have his weed wherever he’s hanging out. It just so happened that at that moment, Keith and Nelson met up. They happened to be in Las Vegas for former NBA player-turned-broadcaster Charles Barkley’s birthday party. Well, instead of going to the party, Keith and Nelson decided to hang out and catch up on their careers.

At that moment, Nelson decided it was high time to get high. “Willie’s got that real chronic, medicinal stuff,” Keith, who died on Monday night at 62 years old, said. “I’ve never smoked much pot in my life, it’s not my high.”

Toby Keith Started Feeling the Effects

As Keith and Nelson took their puffs, Keith said he began to feel a bit uneasy. “We set down and he starts rolling one up, so when in Rome, you know?” Keith said in an interview, Do You Remember reports. “We burn one…It was, like, the most hardcore weed that I’d ever had, and I’d only hit it like three or four times, and unlike Bill Clinton, I did inhale.”

But a few more inhales and it pretty much was lights out for Keith. He was more than ready to call it a night. “I remember my ears were burning, my head’s throbbing, I was breathing different,” Keith said. He also said that Nelson started to look a little grim. In addition, he seemed to look a bit satisfied because, as Keith said, Nelson “knew he got me right.”

Finally, Keith picks up the rest of the story. “I said I had to go, and he says, ‘Good timing,’” Keith said. “So I had a car take me to my room, I missed the whole Charles Barkley thing, I went down to sleep.”

For a good songwriter, any true-life experience can become fodder for music. Keith took his predicament and wrote Weed With Willie. The song became part of his 2003 album Shock’n Y’all. Here is one chorus from that song and Keith made it clear that his days puffing with Nelson were all over.

Incident With Nelson Led To ‘Weed With Willie’

Keith wrote, “I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again; My party’s all over before it begins; You can’t pour me some old whiskey River, my friend, But I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again.”

As news of Keith’s death started hitting on social media accounts, Nelson was another country artist to share his thoughts. “I’ve had a lot of fun singing with Toby. He’s one of us …” Nelson wrote. “Rest in peace, Toby.”

Country music fans will remember Keith and Nelson teaming up for a 2003 No. 1 song, Beer for My Horses. Nelson, though, will have to get used to performing that song (if he will do it) all by himself.

Keith battled stomach cancer for nearly two years, going through chemotherapy treatments. He felt good enough to put on three concerts in Las Vegas this past December. Video footage from Keith’s concerts showed him in a little bit of a frail condition.

Fans will be listening to his music for years to come. Keith provided country music with hit songs and sold-out concerts. A proud Oklahoman, Keith died at home surrounded by his family. Funeral arrangements are still pending at this time.