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‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tiffani Thiessen Reveals How She ‘Fell in Love’ With Ice Plunging 

‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Tiffani Thiessen Reveals How She ‘Fell in Love’ With Ice Plunging 

As she prepares to celebrate her 50th birthday, Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen revealed she has started a new hobby she loves – ice plunging. 

While speaking to Fox News Digital, Thiessen stated that she’s into ice plunging. Which involves a person submerging their body into cold water, with temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees usually. She noted she’s been involved in that hobby over the past couple of years and revealed the first time she did it was with her in-laws. They are in the “health business.”

“It was hard,” Tiffani Thiessen explained about ice plunging. “But I was obsessed with how I felt afterward… It’s become extremely popular in the last year and the health benefits are pretty, pretty amazing with what it can do for you.”

The actress further explained she’s always open to trying new things. Especially if the science is there and shows it’s good for others, she’s open to trying it. Thiessen then said as she approaches 50, she’s embracing ice plunging more. “I’m really embracing it as best as I could.”

Also speaking out about her other hobbies, Tiffani Thiessen said there is a “definite balance” between preparing food/cooking and staying in shape. 

“I always believe in sort of an 80-20% kind of ratio in my world,” she said. “Like that’s how I’ve always done it, I try. I do enjoy cooking.”

Thiessen noted she works out and drinks a lot of water. “I try to take care of my body and my mind,” she added. “Because I do believe that both go hand in hand with being healthy all over.”

Tiffani Thiessen Talks Turning 50 Next Month

Meanwhile, Tiffani Thiessen spoke about celebrating her 50th birthday in January. She declared she is ready to embrace the next stage of her life. 

“I don’t really know why,” Thiessen said about being more confident than ever about aging. She did point out some theories about it. “I think because, you know, in my 30s and my 40s, I felt like a lot of my energy and my time was toward meeting my husband and having children.”

Thiessen said she put a lot of time, effort, and focus into the people in her life then as well. “Now that I’m more settled,  you know, and I’ve been married for a while, and my kids are a little bit older, I feel like I can put back a little more self-time into myself… Time for me.”