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‘The Santa Clause’: What Does the Bernard the Elf Actor Look Like Now?

‘The Santa Clause’: What Does the Bernard the Elf Actor Look Like Now?

David Krumholtz has been a well-known face to Christmas movie fans for years thanks to his work in The Santa Clause along with Tim Allen. They may not recognize him right off the bat. If you mention Bernard the Elf to them, though, then they will probably smile.

Krumholtz’s delightful turn as Bernard the Elf opposite Allen’s Scott Calvin is one of those sights to behold. The Santa Clause first appeared in movie theaters back in 1994. Since then, there have been sequel movies and TV series. In most of them, Krumholtz would show up as Bernard the Elf.

Of course, Krumholtz was just 16 years old when he started playing the grumpy elf in Santa’s workshop. What does he look like now? Just look below and you will see. The photo below was taken in 2023, so it’s a pretty current one on the actor.

Just to be clear, it’s not like Krumholtz hasn’t been busy over the years. He wonderfully played Charlie Eppes in CBS’ mystery series Numb3rs. You also might remember him from his role as Goldstein in the Harold & Kumar film trilogy. So, it’s not like Krumholtz has solely been tying his career to The Santa Clause work. Yet it is cool to see the trajectory that he’s followed since the original movie came out.

David Krumholtz in 2023.  (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

David Krumholtz Learned of the Internet’s Love For Character

Krumholtz did return to play Bernard in The Santa Clauses TV series. But he talked about what brought him back to a very successful, beloved role. “From what Tim Allen told me, the Internet reaction was so violent for me to return, or for Bernard to return, that they couldn’t not have me back,” he told Time Magazine in an interview from 2022. “So truly it is a thing that the fans made happen. I have that on good authority from Santa Claus himself.”

He even spoke glowingly of reconnecting with Allen on the show’s set. “We didn’t miss a step,” he said. “The first time I was on set, I kind of played a prank on Tim. I just sat in a chair with my sunglasses and KN95 mask on with my hood over my head looking kind of scary. Tim walked in and just looked at me like the Grim Reaper had arrived. Then I revealed myself and he couldn’t have been happier to see me.”

Now, he did not appear in The Santa Clause 3 movie for Disney. Krumholtz felt like the Bernard character was getting “devalued” in the movie. He admitted in the Time interview that when the movie came up, he was still working on Numb3rs. Well, Krumholtz said when he received his contractual offer for his work, it was not a good deal. After all, Krumholtz was still working on the TV show at the time. In effect, he would have to be burning the candle at both ends, as he said.

Krumholtz apparently has found peace with playing Bernard. It’s a role that people recognize him for year after year. Many of them hold that initial appearance in the first movie close to their hearts. Obviously, it appears that should another Santa Clause movie roll around, then he’d be willing to come back again. He now understands what it means to encourage kids with the spirit of Christmas since he now has kids himself.