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The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight Opens Up About New Documentary on Williams Syndrome

The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight Opens Up About New Documentary on Williams Syndrome

Christopher Knight is opening up about his experiences filming a new documentary on Williams Syndrome. 

The Brady Bunch star recently partnered with Former Prodigy Media to create Truelove: The Film, which follows the story of Callie Truelove, a teen who lives with the disorder. Williams syndrome is a rare genetic condition that can cause developmental delays, learning disabilities, and physical conditions such as cardiovascular disease. People born with the syndrome typically also have advanced verbal abilities, a deep love of music, and incredibly social personalities, according to the Williams Syndrome Association. Symptoms present at birth and affect all genders and races equally. 

Callie found social media fame when she began a Facebook page in 2014 and earned a massive following. She then went on to appear on YouTube’s Special Books by Special Kids in 2017, which is where Knight and co-producer Phil Viardo first noticed her. After learning more about Callie, they fell in love with her ability “to only see the good and the positive in the world and the people around her.” And they asked to share her story with the world. 

“She melted my heart,” Knight recalled while explaining his first meeting with Callie to People. “She melted my wife’s heart. She’s just miraculous in that regard, in that she brings people together — and it was not just her.”

Christopher Knight’s Documentary Wasn’t Originally About Williams Syndrome Awareness

Interestingly, the documentary was not initially envisioned as “an awareness piece for Williams syndrome,” according to the actor. They had just wanted to highlight Callie Truelove as an individual. But during filming, he and the crew met others with the condition, and the story grew.

“The one audience we wanted to make sure that we were accepted by was the Williams community,” he continued. “And there was a great outpouring of support at that matter of fact. Not only support, but they wanted [the final movie] immediately, interestingly, for their own families to be able to show other members… to describe what this is that their child might have.”

Truelove: The Film, which stars Carrie Underwood, Wynonna Judd, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, and Michael Ray, is available today on YouTube, Tubi, and Plex. It is also available to rent or buy on Prime Video and Apple TV+.