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‘The Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams Compares His Marriage to a ‘Page Out of the Disney Book’

‘The Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams Compares His Marriage to a ‘Page Out of the Disney Book’

Growing up on Disney classics taught The Brady Bunch alum Barry Williams one major lesson about keeping a happy marriage.

Williams, 69, has been romancing his wife, Tina Mahina, 57, for a decade. The couple kept their relationship under wraps for three years before going public with a social media post in September 2016. Two months later, Williams asked Mahini to be his wife. Then, on July 9, 2017, they said, “I do.”

Barry Williams told Fox News that he and Mahina’s love is going strong over six years later. And he has advice for all the husbands out there who hope to have a marriage as successful as his.

“I think we could just take a page right out of the Disney book—make her your princess,” he said.

Williams recently channeled his inner prince during his time on Dancing With the Stars. Williams joined this season’s competition and performed the foxtrot during the series’ Disney100 theme night in October. Mahini is a singer and dancer herself, so Williams saw it as an opportunity to create special memories with his wife.

“My wife is at home practicing dance moves so that … when I come back, we can book a cruise somewhere that has a ballroom floor,” he shared.

Barry Williams Joins ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to Honor Florence Henderson

But his wife wasn’t the only person he was thinking about that night. Aside from a lasting marriage, Barry Williams also shares lasting friendships with his The Brady Bunch co-stars. The six young Brady actors have stayed famously close over the decades, and Susan Olsen was in the audience that night.

“We’ve been friends and continue to be friends all of our lives. … I would have been disappointed if she hadn’t [come],” Williams admitted. “But it makes me feel really good to know that she was here, and she was cheering us on. Very excited, very engaged.”

Williams also noted that while Olsen was “the first Brady” to pay a visit to the set, Christopher Knight had also planned a trip. The other actors were also working on finalizing plans, he admitted.

And one other Brady Bunch star has been there every day in spirit.

“I try and channel Florence Henderson, who encouraged me to pursue an invitation for Dancing with the Stars,” he told PEOPLE on Oct. 10. “Being familiar with my theatrical background, she felt that I could do very well. And at that time, she had just been eliminated and asked if I would carry the torch.”