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‘That ’70s Show’ Star Danny Masterson Moves to State Prison After Surrendering Missing Firearms

‘That ’70s Show’ Star Danny Masterson Moves to State Prison After Surrendering Missing Firearms

Upon surrendering all of his personal firearms, That ‘70s Show star Danny Masterson is heading to a state prison facility to serve his 30 years to life sentence for raping two women. 

According to The Wrap, Judge Charlaine Olmedo, who had overseen Masterson’s rape conviction demanded that the actor surrender nine missing firearms before heading to prison. He had 23 personal firearms in total. Judge Olmedo had previously demanded that all the firearms be turned in when Masterson was arraigned in 2020.

The media outlet also reported during a brief hearing on Thursday, Dec. 7, Olmedo stated that based on the probation report, the order has been satisfied. Danny Masterson will be transported from Los Angeles County jail to a state prison facility. 

Masterson was convicted in May of raping two women. He was sentenced to 30 years to life for his crimes. Last month, Masterson’s lawyer revealed that one of the missing guns had been destroyed. The whereabouts of the firearm couldn’t be determined. 

Prosecutors further revealed that the eight guns in question have been found in Oregon. The probation office was in the process of retrieving them with draft search warrants as necessary. The final report on the situation is currently pending. 

Danny Masterson Was Sentenced in September 

According to AP News, Danny Masterson received his sentencing in September. The woman that accused him of raping them spoke out during the event. 

“When you raped me, you stole from me,” one of the women declared. She had accused him of assaulting her in 2003. “That’s what rape is, a theft of the spirit.” 

She also called Danny Masterson pathetic, disturbed, and completely violent. “The world is better off with you in prison,” she added. 

The actor had been in custody since May and had continuously maintained his innocence. His attorneys also announced they were planning to appeal the sentence. 

The other woman who accused Masterson said he has not shown an ounce of remorse for the pain he has caused. 

“I knew he belonged behind bars for the safety of all the women he came into contact with,” she told the judge. She also said that she was so sorry and so upset with herself. “I wish I’d reported him sooner to the police.” 

The initial jury of the case failed to reach verdicts of three counts of rape in December 2022 and a mistrial was declared. During his second trial, Masterson was found guilty of two of the three counts of rape.