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Teri Copley Denies John Stamos’ Tony Danza Cheating Claims Again in New Video

Teri Copley Denies John Stamos’ Tony Danza Cheating Claims Again in New Video

Like any celebrity memoir, John Stamos’ If You Would Have Told Me unveiled a number of jaw-dropping stories from the Full House star’s personal life. The one that truly took the internet by storm, however, was Stamos’ claim that his ex-girlfriend Teri Copley cheated on him with Tony Danza – and he caught them in the act.

There’s only one thing: according to Teri Copley, it never happened. At least, not in the way John Stamos says it did.

Though the actress and model already denied the claims once, she took to YouTube to address them once again, this time in video format. As Copley explained, her ex-boyfriend’s account of the end of their relationship “sideswiped” her. Copley admits that John Stamos did, in fact, “catch” her with Tony Danza, but they were already broken up at the time.

Teri Copley leaves no stone unturned, giving a nearly 20-minute explanation of the situation from her perspective. The gist of the story, however, is this…

After breaking up with John Stamos, Copley read a magazine interview from Tony Danza in which he confessed he had a crush on her. Intrigued by the possibility, she invited the Who’s the Boss star to her house.

While Danza was there, Stamos arrived unannounced and knocked on the door, which Copley answered – fully clothed – and asked her ex why he was there. Rather than respond, Stamos just shook his head and walked away.

“[He] just shook his head and looked at me like, ‘How could you?’” Copley recalled. “Well I looked at him and didn’t say anything either. I just looked at him like, ‘What do you care?’”

“He certainly didn’t come in my house and find me in bed naked with a sheet over… I mean none of that happened,” she added.

Teri Copley Reveals Why She Broke Up With John Stamos

In her video response, Teri Copley added why she broke up with the Hollywood heartthrob in the first place. After “about a year” of dating, Copley said, she met John Stamos’ family and subsequently received a surprising call from his mother.

“Teri, I know that you love John, but don’t plan on marrying him because he has no intention of marrying you,” Stamos’ mom told Copley, according to Copley.

Copley, of course, assumed that her boyfriend had revealed these feelings to his mother, “and she was a mother looking at [her] like a daughter type and thinking, ‘I better warn this girl not to get her hopes up.’”

Following this phone call, Copley went to Stamos’ home and broke up with him. “I just said to him, ‘John I don’t think we should see each other anymore,’” Copley explained. Unfortunately, this was apparently not how John Stamos felt, according to his own account, but the two didn’t discuss it before the breakup.

“I was young. I didn’t know how to communicate with him to tell him, you know, your mother told me you didn’t ever want to marry me,” Copley said before adding that she “lived with that regret.”