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Ted Danson to Headline Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

Ted Danson to Headline Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

Ted Danson will be joining Cheryl Hines and Clark Gregg in a poker Celebrity Charity Tournament in Santa Monica, California. The event is scheduled for December 2nd at 12:30 p.m. local time. The entry fee is $1,200 with an option for $500 re-buys. The hosts of the event are Jerry Greenberg, Bruce Stern, Eliott Kessas, and Jacob Zalewski.

The Celebrity Charity Tournament will donate its proceeds to two impactful nonprofits: the One Step Closer Foundation, dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy and disabilities. The other nonprofit is the Geffen Playhouse, a renowned nonprofit theater in Los Angeles.

Tulsa King‘s Andrea Savage is expected to attend alongside some exciting surprise guests. This exclusive event is scheduled to be held in a stunning Santa Monica residence, the exact address of which will be disclosed to ticket holders. The event also teases an exquisite culinary experience and an open bar as part of the festivities. Individual guest tickets are priced at $600. Additionally, there are exclusive packages for groups of four priced at $4,000, and for groups of ten priced at $10,000.

Ted Danson is No Stranger to Charity Poker Events

Of course, Ted Danson and Cheryl Hines, who both starred in Curb Your Enthusiasm, are well-known participants in charity tournaments. Recently, they were seen at the “All In for CP Charity Event” held at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.

“I have a nephew who has Cerebral Palsy,” Hines told PokerNews at a previous charity event. “He’s been in a wheelchair since he was born, and I know what a challenge that is, not only for the individual but for all the loved ones that support them.”

Meanwhile, it seems like Ted Danson appearing in the new Frasier reboot isn’t in the cards. Star Kelsey Grammer put to rest any rumors of characters from Cheers returning anytime soon.

“I’m not sure the guys who wrote Cheers would want us to go back to Cheers,” Grammer recently told Deadline. “It’s like, let’s let that be where it is. It’s a monument in the minds of television history. But is it possible we might see someone from the old days at the bar? Maybe.”

However, Grammer didn’t rule a Cheers reunion out. You know, I love Ted [Danson] and working with him, so I’d love to do something with him. We just haven’t broken that idea yet,” he said.