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Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Usage Enrages Internet Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Usage Enrages Internet Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift is dealing with a lot of backlash about her private jets as she flies to Las Vegas to support her beau Travis Kelce in his attempt to become a Super Bowl champion for the second consecutive year.

The billionaire pop star has been utilizing her jets quite a bit this NFL season. After starting her high-profile relationship with Kelce, she’s been flying between her arena performances and his stadium performances.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to prefer private planes over commercial planes for obvious reasons. But a college student recently brought attention to Taylor Swift’s carbon footprint by tracking her global flights, and even Swifties are having a hard time justifying it considering how outspoken she’s been about climate change. 

“Taylor Swift rushes from Tokyo Eras Tour to private jet for 12-hour flight to Super Bowl… this b—ch doesn’t care about environment,” reads a comment on X. “Tax her sorry a—.”

“Wow! The ‘climate activist’ hypocrisy is off the charts,” wrote an angry user. “You need to live in a ‘smart city’ with cold showers and ride public transport but Taylor Swift can fly her private jet across the globe…for her boyfriend’s football game?! Unbelievable!”

“Every time Taylor Swift uses the private jet, I listen to a non-Taylor version to balance things out,” another added. 

The callouts began when Swift made it a point to get to the Super Bowl in time for kickoff despite playing in Japan the night before. That move brought attention to how much jet-setting she’s been doing this year.

The scrutiny amplified after a “cease-and-desist” letter written to University of Central Florida student Jack Sweeney went viral on Reddit. A member of Swift’s legal team sent the letter to Sweeney because he had been tracking private jets and their emissions and posting the information on social media. Because Swift is one of the most popular people on the planet, he kept a strong watch on her flights, and her legal team thought that created security issues.

Die-hard Swifties have since come to the defense of Sweeney—not Swift. “I’m really disappointed, tbh,” a fan wrote in one of Swift’s most popular subreddits. “This is such a cruel move. It’s public info that’s already out there, there’s not much she can do, but threatening a college kid over this is just cruel.”

“…This is a bad PR move for sure,” added another. “Something tells me this is an “oh sh—, now people can see even more so that I’m making unnecessary flights” situation. I love Taylor, but she needs to start addressing these things better and more transparently.”

Taylor Swift did make it back to the United States in time for Super Bowl LVII. She landed in LAX early this morning. According to CBS Sports, her next challenge is finding a place in Las Vegas to park her private jet.